Friday, 30 April 2010


"When you die, your life... flashes, and you disintegrate, radiating energy. When a thing turns into its opposite, when love becomes hate, there are always sparks. But when life turns into death, it's explosive. There are streaks of light, magical, and electrifying. Everyone senses something, some energy, some spirit, some sort of illumination, But I see it. I've seen bodies shining like stars. Some say there's no soul, no afterlife, that life and death is the straightest line on the compass, and nothing more. I say believe what you want, because no matter what you do, cut everything up, burn it all down, you're in the path of something beyond your control."

Believe what you want being the key. Live and let live, don't always argue because that just makes the point you think your way is right. What I write are my answers, and no one has said anything for a while, they're not yours so just read them.

Someone is only right to society when they are doing things in society's way and any "mistake" can not be inexcused. One is judged when one doesn't fit and sometimes one can NOT fit. Not even allowed to look at objects anymore.

This is a world full of bullies.

What am I existing in? We have to sometimes make up our own worlds, so that keeps the rest at a distance.

We really have evolved. (!)

Religion is no answer, movies are just magic, life is hard and there is nothing keeping anyone on here, instead one should have a need simply to be here. Say what you want but political correctness and over the top enthusiasm again done in society's way is the bullshit that stops expression.


  1. Wow Amarinda, thank you. I miss seeing your notes on there and your links. You were always one of the most interesting people never mind just on there, but period. I still visit your blog and keep up to dat with your books. But facebook was easier to have updates etc, still life did exist before it!

    Genova, that's a good point. I will try! Thank you and welcome to this blog xx

  2. Great post, really nice.

    I hope you're doing good.

  3. Thank you!! Much appreciated.

    I'm doing okay, things just need to be dealt with.

    I hope you're doing okay too, have a good weekend xx