Wednesday, 14 April 2010

More on my newest.

I heard knocking on my dorm door, I knew it was jerk. When I opened it, I wasn't proved wrong.

I glared at him. Boy, being angry made me able to look people in the eye even a guy who fondled my body parts and stuck his tongue so deep in my mouth I felt dizzy, I normally felt a bit shy around him too. Not right now for sure.

"You going to let me in?"

Because jerk devoted all of his whiskey brown gaze onto me, I actually did cower. But I waited until he got his dumb body in the room and watched him close the door. When he turned around, I slapped his face. Holy fuck and it wasn't a pathetic slap either. It made his whole body react, he flinched hard, he was still holding a hand to his bright red face. When he let go of his cheek, I saw what I had done.

He's going to hit me back. That was my first instinctive thought. What happened next is, I felt myself moving backwards and backwards. I ran to the window the other side of the room. He walked slowly towards me. He was walking real slow. When he got near me, he looked me over and then looked back to my face. I had gone from angry bitch to frightened bitch and I'm sure it showed.

"Uh" He pulled me close to him and kissed me. His tongue went deeper, was more forceful in my mouth.

He pulled my hair with his hands as I moaned into his mouth.

His lips tore away from mine which felt bruised. He gasped and I gasped but he didn't touch the side of my lips, instead he turned me to the window and pushed me so my breasts touched the glass. He pulled my sweater up from behind and now at least half of my boobs pressed against the window. Anyone outside could see. I felt moisture in my cunt.

He tugged my hair and whispered into my ear, "I get a hard enough time from my dad as it is, I don't expect any bull shit from you."

Mr Less than Perfect pulled my nonsense scrap of a skirt down and saw that I had panties. Fuck, I was menstruating. I wanted him up my ass but I couldn't..and..I knew he wouldn't do it. "Do you want it?" He asked. His voice was softer now.

I nodded seeing his reflected in the window pane. "I bet your tits are real swollen." He hadn't spoken like this before. He called them breasts, pillows, he was cute with them. But never roughly spoke of them.

"What the fuck do you think.." I moaned, "I'm on my period. " "AH!" Oh God! He spanked me. I wriggled my arse at him.

Then I felt like digging myself into a hole, Ethan his room mate appeared outside the window. Oh shit. I didn't like this.

"Its okay, baby" My lover crooned into my ear. "You wanna be watched don't you?" I could see the reflection of his face looking straight at me.

"I..dont know.."

Fantasy was different to reality.

"I'm going to fuck you"

I gasped.

"Despite your period, I'll wash your dirty blood off my cock afterwards and Ethans gonna watch. You're going to give him something to wack his dick over, arent you?"

"Why do you care about this dick?"

"Cos, my girl. I'm sick of him masturbating to some phoney Playboy crap." *Spank!*

"Oh!" You jerk off to Playboy I wanted to say but he hit me on my other cheek. No fair, he had the upper hand, literally.

"You know I can smell his arousal and I can't stand it. The only spunk I wanna smell is yours." Oh fuck when did he learn to talk like a fucking animal?

His room mate was paying attention to my tits. I felt like he wanted to press his lips to the window and pretend to suck my nipples. "MM" It was deprived what my lover was doing. He stuck his hand over my bloody clit. I thought me might give it to me to suck off but he just fondled my ass.

"I want in your anus. You're going to give it to me, aren't you? Pretend I'm your dad." Holy..this was some god damned perversion!

"Not literally I won't." "Ah!" He spanked me again..

Then more like growled than asked, "Why, can't stand him either?"

"He's intolerable."

"But I'm not. Don't argue baby" He pulled my hair. "You worship your daddy don't you?"

"If you say so."

I felt his dick poke me. I got him hard as a ROCK.

"Now I'm going to fuck my obedient daughter."

"MM." Despite myself I moaned.

"Watch Ethan's face. Don't look away or I'll leave you like this and wack off in the toilets."

Sadist. I watched his room mate as Daddy fucked me in the anus. I'm sure I saw Ethan's eyes go grey like the sky, how it normally was in this cold shit hole.

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. " Daddy pulled my hair and fucked hard in the ass. I could feel myself pulsing ready to come over his cock as his room mate imagined sucking on my boobs.

Ethan placed his tongue on the window and I made sure my nipples were pressed firmly to the glass. He licked the dirty glass around one of my nipples. I could see his saliva on the window. I would love to have him come over my tits in the toilets.

"I think my daughter thinking of some perverted shit to do to Ethan."

"Is Ethan one of daddys friends?" I gasped. He was going fast and furious at my ass.

"No he's not my friend." He growled.

Aww. You had to love loyalty.

So I imagined they didn't touch each other's cocks in the boys dorms, no helping each other to climax over some big boobed slut in a magazine.

"I'm tthinking..ooh..I..wished you had fucked me like this ss-uh GOD..sooner."

My scalp ached, my clit was pulsing and my anus was going to produce some funky crap over this little fuck session but it was worth it all when I had him shoot his cum in my anal passage. As he continued to yell out his release, I watched Ethan lust over my tits. Yeah, poor boy, he wanted them but first I was going to have to get an earful of Dad here.

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