Thursday, 15 April 2010

I dreamt about some of this. More on my newest.

Afterwards, he turned me around, touching my breasts he said they were cold. Yeah, really? I just laughed at his not often seriousness on such a thing.

"I hope your room mate has gone to take care of matters now."

"If he had any sense."

"Slagging him off, things must be bad."

I felt him shrug his shoulders.

"I suppose this is where we talk about things." I could never quite tell what he was thinking, it didn't matter how hard I studied his face.

"I don't want to talk." He scratched his neck.

"Yeah you do."

"Who made you boss?"

I smiled. At least he was telling me off, that was a start.

"You know, "DAD", my skirt is bloody and I really need to get cleaned up..but here I am asking you about your life so don't you at least owe me SOME time?"

"Fine, so don't ask me."

"If I didnt ask, you wouldnt tell me in a million years."

"You just have me all figured out don't you." He broke away.

"On the contrary." I said firmly. "You either make jokes or close off when you're uncomfortable that is the ONLY thing I can assume about you since we've been going together."

"How long have we been going together?" he murmured.

"Why bored of me? Cos if you throw me off, it's your loss. No one is going to give into you like I do and no one cares about you as much as me." I didn't want to admit my feelings but there it was.

I heard his sniff. I went to the hand baisin and cleaned myself up as best as I could. I changed and put on a pair of jeans.

"I'm not going anywhere." I sat on the bed next to him. Laundry would wait.

"Where did you get those jeans?"

"You like?"

"I prefer you in a skirt. Easier access. I feel you're all independant and woman in this jeans."

"Whereas in the skirt I'm your little girl?"

"There's no shame in being honest." I whispered.

"It's not quite so simple" he said.

"My dad's a jerk." The room was so silent it was deafening. I put my hand near his body.

"All those things I called you, is that how you feel about your dad?"

"Well minus the sexual connotations." He smiled slowly.

"Can you ever be serious?"

"Well you're serious for the both of us."

"It's not my fault you have a clearly shit relationship with your parent, don't take it out on me. It's not so easy for me, I have it hard at school."

"Yeah so do I." I knew he was being immature now.

"No..your dad makes it hard here but I have shit coming from all directions not just my parents. Sometimes I feel at least they love me no matter what."

He gave me a look. I didn't know what that was. I stood up and faced him. "You're the only reason I'm here."

"What about your education?"

"I could have gone elsewhere."

"You came here cos of me?" He stood up.

No words could come out of my mouth. I walked to the window. Seeing my reflection, I ignored the state I was in, put it this way the jeans were the only thing sticking to my body.

Ethan had gone at least. I smiled.

"Why are you smiling?" I felt a light kiss on my the back of my neck.

"I want to give you a blowjob" I whispered. He turned me around and kissed me. "Let me do it." I insisted moaning in his mouth. It wasn't the first time I'd given him a blowjob, but after the kiss, he whispered that he wanted to fuck "these" massaing my breasts through my sweater. I pressed my hands over his. It would be my first tity fuck from him. "Pinch my nipples with your fingers. Get them hard." "Oh!" I moaned. He did.

"Suck on me through my sweater." He kneeled on the ground looking into my eyes the entire time. Because I was short, he could get my breasts with his mouth. "Uh.." Oh yeah he bit my nipples through the material of my top, when he wasn't biting them he pinched and pulled on them with his fingers. "That ffeels so good." I was so aroused. He pulled my nipples so hard I had to look down. My sweater was tented with two mini poles sticking out. He stood up. I pushed my sweater up and pushed his zipper down.

I guided his cock which smacked against my breasts. He was a little hard already. Pushing my tits together I created a cavern, and guided his pre cum dick into them. "Ooh!" I moaned as he pushed into my tit cavern. "Oh yeah" I moaned, "harder, do them harder." He did, thrusting like he thrust into my pussy last week before our arguments. "Keep going" I moaned "Ddon't you want to do this all the time?" I heard his moan, I'm sure he meant yes. "After every class.. I-I want you to fuck them in the toilets. Make me ddirty with your hot cum." I moaned. I pushed my tits up more so my hard nipples got more friction against his cock.

I looked him in the eyes as my tongue got his cum. I purred as he came violently over my tit flesh and on my tongue.

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