Friday, 9 April 2010

Come Friday I always want some good confrontational Erotica drama I can sink my teeth into.

And I shall see if this is it.

Have an erotic weekend folks wolksy.

Full Moon Rising by Lorie O'Clare already available from Elloras Cave Publishing. By the way, I really liked her biography on there, "All my life, I've wondered at how people fall into the routines of life. The paths we travel seemed to be well-trodden by society. We go to school, fall in love, find a line of work (and hope and pray it is one we like), have children and do our best to mold them into good people who will travel the same path. This is the path so commonly referred to as the "real world".

The characters in my books are destined to stray down a different path other than the one society suggests. Each story leads the reader into a world altered slightly from the one they know. For me, this is what good fiction is about, an opportunity to escape from the daily grind and wander down someone else's path.

Lorie O'Clare lives in Kansas with her three sons."

So cool.

Anyway, here's a blurb from Full Moon Rising, "Ethan Masterson has one of the largest packs in the northern part of America. He's broken ground with humans in their territory, successfully living and working alongside them, putting his name in the history books for werewolves. So when word gets to him that a sassy young lawyer is throwing a fit about werewolf rights among the humans, he is outraged that she will destroy his efforts to create a peaceful environment between his pack and the humans in the area.

Beth Parks is one of the most successful lawyers in the Midwest. No one knows she is a werewolf, and she does her best to work among humans, keeping her identity a secret. When she finds out her mother's homepack is being walked all over by humans, she rushes to the rescue, fearing her mother's health will suffer from the stress. What she isn't prepared for though, is that the man she has fantasized about since high school is now pack leader.

Sparks fly when these two headstrong werewolves learn that fantasies can become reality."

And an excerpt cos I'm good to you! I'll also post another excerpt once I've read it,

"Dear Lord. Miss Beth Parks had filled out nicely. He blew out a breath of air, realizing he would start drooling if he didn’t take his mind off of that small but perfectly shaped body. She would look damned good sprawled out on a bed. He’d begun to wonder whether she shaved her pussy or not when he gave himself a mental slap.

“Contact City Hall,” she was saying. “I don’t want to go in front of the judge in a court room. It’s best to keep a low profile here. Let him know I’ll meet with him in his chambers and we’ll keep this short and sweet.”

Ethan realized at that moment that Sandra Parks sat at the kitchen table, watching him carefully. Greta Hothmeyer sat across from her, also watching him, satisfaction filling the air from the two of them.

This had gone far enough. Intercepting Beth in mid-pace, he put his hand over her phone. She looked up at him, possibly noticing him for the first time, or maybe realizing for the first time who he was. Something akin to panic rushed through her, the strong confidence that had swarmed around her a moment before gone. It lasted only a moment before the spicy smell of irritation floated in the air between them. And there wasn’t much space between them.

“Hang up that phone before I hang it up for you,” he whispered, enjoying the worried expression his implied threat caused.

“You do not tell me what to do.” She matched his threatening tone quite well.

Amusement rushed through him, his loins tightening with the reminder of what a spitfire she was. It made sense if she was some hotshot lawyer. But she wasn’t so good that he couldn’t take her on. Maybe when they were cubs she’d managed to get the better of him, making a fool of him in front of all of their peers. But that had been a long time ago. He was in charge here. No matter how many people she might be used to bossing around, this saucy little bitch would learn here and now, she would do as he told her.

Squeezing down on her hand just enough to make his point, he removed her phone, and pushed the off button. A look of disbelief crossed her face.

“How dare you!” She put her hands on her hips, her lips pursing in anger. Her dark green eyes sparked with fire, but it was the tell-tale flush that spread across her cheeks that gave him the urge to press her up against the counter and show her exactly what he would dare to do.

He could have it out with her right here in the kitchen, but he needed some time. This wasn’t one of the sweet little bitches he was accustomed to who drooled every time he walked into the room. Beth Parks didn’t appear the least bit intimidated by him, even though she barely stood tall enough to reach his shoulders. The fire in her expression let him see her passion. She lusted over him. He knew it. But she had it well hidden. Just like she had so many years ago when they were cubs.

There was only one thing to do.

Ethan grabbed Beth by the arm and turned to walk out of the house.

“What the hell are you doing?” Beth sounded alarmed, although if she was trying to stop him, she wasn’t very strong. It seemed she followed him through the house willingly.

“What’s going on?” Ralph asked.

Ethan ignored the group and stormed to the front door, dragging Beth behind him.

“I’ll call you in a bit,” Ethan told him, knowing Ralph would be able to calm the group.

Ethan needed time to sort things out, and to think with his brain and not his cock.

The smells of the house faded quickly when they marched across the front yard. He knew every pack member watched them but he didn’t care. He almost threw Beth at his bike.

“If you think I’m going to get on that thing…” she began.

He grabbed her shoulders, fighting the urge to press himself against her, just for a moment, wanting to see how she felt up against him. Instead he simply looked her square in the eye, all too aware of the heat that surged through his hands where he touched her.

“You can climb on, or I will throw you on.” He enjoyed how her eyes grew wide, the all-knowing counselor suddenly at a loss for words. “But either way, we are going for a ride.”

“How in the hell did you manage to become pack leader?” she mumbled, anger seeping from her. The spicy scent of it lay cover to something more evocative, more sultry. A scent he hadn’t noticed while they were in the kitchen grabbed his attention now.

Beth Parks was more than aroused. She had to be soaking wet. What he wouldn’t do to run his hand down between the crotch of her jeans, feel her heat.

Since she hadn’t moved, he decided she must want to be lifted on to his bike. It was a large Harley, and she was a petite woman. Grabbing her by the waist, he lifted her high enough for her to straddle the small passenger seat.

“How dare you!” Beth squirmed in his arms, her legs going everywhere but around his bike.

Ethan heard definite laughter coming from the house. Well the last thing the counselor would do was make a fool out of him—again. Placing her back down on the ground, before she kicked something that might really put him out of commission, he twisted her around, bent her over his bike, and gave her rear end a quick swat.

“Shit!” she cried out loud enough to make everyone in the neighborhood aware of their presence.

Beth turned on him with her fist raised, ready to do damage. Her dark green eyes glowed with anger, those soft lips barely covering teeth that had started to sharpen.

Ethan grabbed her fist, pulling her to him. He could feel her heart pounding between her breasts. And those full round mounds pressed against him felt better than anything he’d experienced in quite a while. He held on to her hand, while pinning her other arm between them. His free hand strolled down her back. And it took some effort not to cup that sweet ass of hers.

“Now,” he said quietly. “You may climb on, or I will lift you on. But you are getting on that bike. I will not have a yelling match with you in the middle of this neighborhood.”

Beth considered his words, her heavy breathing causing her breasts to move against his chest. She struggled to free herself and he tightened his grip.

“What’s it going to be, counselor?” he asked.

“I will not be bullied.” Even captured in his arms she would fight him. “Let go of me now, unless you wish to spend the night in jail.”

Ethan smiled. Her idle threats didn’t bother him a bit. There was no way anyone would arrest him for taking on the mouthy lawyer. They might want to watch. His grin widened.

“Are you accustomed to people backing down simply because you threaten them?”

“I’m accustomed to dealing with werewolves who have manners.” She fought again to be released.

“I can be very polite.” He pulled her just a bit closer, her breath scorching through his chest, burning his skin. “I don’t know why you bring out the beast in me,” he whispered, lowering his head so that her face was inches from his."

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