Thursday, 15 April 2010

Where's the awesome in abs?

And other universe altering questions.

But seriously I went in for my daily masochist strip my femininity away check to Daily Mail and I found this pic here. I can't stop looking. I mean first of all this is clearly staged. And secondly she does look very excersised in some places but hot damn, those are strong abs there. I mean she's running and there's just no flop is there..which makes wonder if she's really running - you'd be surprised or not at the level of stage in these photos.

She is small, 5ft 2 like me, we're hardly going to look like athletes, when we lose weight this is what we look like, not the specific fit look embraced by magazines. To me she looks athletic but for others it will be scrawny. I'm different because I have that kind of body, I'm not saying I have her body but that kind so I will never be critical the way others are.

But I am impressed with her ab muscles. But mostly when I really look at it, the hip to waist ratio.

But why are abs so focused on? Was is it about them showing that is equated with the hotness? The hard work that goes in getting em like that?

One reason I go on Daily Mail is to see simply what people are wearing. I've been flitting (yes it's a word) between the whole flat shoes versus mid heel nonsense for months now. It's because I've been wearing heels my whole life and my God something happens to my lower legs when I wear them, I can't resist seeing that grace there. You want to shoot me but understand this, I'm 5 ft 2, I have short legs, I am in no way leggy like Natalie Portman, my body is not built like hers, I'm happy with my body, my legs seem toned as if I play tennis all day and when I drive I can't resist feeling the tone in my upper thigh, give us some of that,!, (what?) but I have short lower legs in particular, I mean really toned but short ones. More East Asian than leggy Indian legs, I'm pale and toned, like Kristen Stewart if she chopped a foot off her legs. So the heels make em look scrawny..but almost animal like. And I like. It's my feature. I don't show off my boobs, I'm pale and blotchy and tired looking but I have an okay set of facial features and toned legs. I don't want to be a great beauty and I think beauty is overrated, I'm the kind of girl who appreciates the line in Me Myself and Irene about having a face which looks like it's on vigorous lemon suck and flaws and all more so than a weeping you're so beautiful you're so beautiful kind of stuff. So I'm keeping the mid heels.

Speaking of the scrawn, today I was trying on my shoes and indeed wondering about the flats, there are days where I honest to God want to dress as frumpy as possible so I can act all Horny Librarian/door mouse so flats will be kept for those and when I got to the third pair of shoes with the ankle straps so loose I'd have to get a shoe two sizes smaller than that which is a size smaller than my shoe size, I came over all -I want to wrap my hand around my ankle and love it to pieces. When you look at photos and see your legs are half the size of your arms at the age of FIVE, you feel protective over what makes you you. When stuff happens to you, it makes you want to wrap your own wrist around your grandma thin ankles (the ones that don't have swollen ankles) knowing it's only you who's gonna appreciate it when you don't fit any cliches and magazine ideas of beauty. The scrawn in you makes you appreciate Sweater Vests blog posts/ Sweater Vest porn really..for the scrawn under those vests. I do need some geek loving from time to time, even when I get married to someone who's a breath of fresh air to those pretty faces, but oh BABY I have some serious sweater vest and spectacles shit going on in my female regions right now.

But seriously get back to me on the abs thingmy.

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