Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Facebook account disabled.

It happened just as I was typing in a comment...just like that. I didn't get a warning my account would be disabled, though I know why it is as do you, I just got "acknowledge this picture violates the terms" and has been removed. I was just discussing censorhip and all my album being removed and how black and white artistic nudes of a man coming on a woman's breasts are left alone but a woman showing her breasts, not even entirely in some pictures, is removed.

This is facebook where one can pose in a bikini, wear a pout and ask someone to keep them company when going for a shit on sexual group and the owner of group can post video links to porn but I had "use common sense and license to post porn" by someone who may not have been the group owner but sure got on their high horse, when I posted a link to a picture of myself licking my breasts. I had also given a warning beforehand.

I knew the time would come to leave, sure I didn't expect it to happen just like that and I am sad I won't get to communicate with the people there. I think I know who has reported me..I once blogged about the Mr Nolans of this world and whilst I'm no Keating or Todd Anderson, I am a woman who got told off well and good by this particular Mr Nolan.

Bye to my friends, I will miss YOU on facebook and now I remember what one of my friends sdaid about never joining it, it can be like a cult and what facebook and Ms Reporter of crime have done is acted like sheep, acted like part of a cult. I'm more free now than I was when I was on there.

Hello moderate account settings (facebook didnt have this, poor babies) and bye bye censorship. This gives me more time to work on this blog and my stories. THIS is my space, facebook was merely borrowed space.

I'll write them a little something like I have written here and before. Shit, let's live in a world where we can have objectification but not action. What would they have done if I had posted a video of my pussy or someone fucking me..YOUR ACCOUNT IS DISABLED STRAIGHT AWAY..NOW HERE'S A WHIPPING FOR YOU WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE!!!

Corporal losers.


  1. Aww!

    I appreciate your comment and thoughts on this. It does feel weird to be cut off socially. But there are other ways mwahaha.