Tuesday, 27 April 2010

See, I read this book that was mature and inspiring

So I'm not too bothered about dumb polls on MSN about men you shouldn't have a crush on but do. Oh pray tell me, WHY I shouldn't have a crush on someone you don't deem fit enough! I know it's just entertainment, a bit of fun, and I really do not want to be and am not one of those people who's like bah bah WHITE sheep, you know really stampeding with the political correctness thing ( I love their dedication though) but a poll on men women like would have sufficed without the limitations and the rules. Because otherwise it's just a some big hypocritical mess up of things in a world where society plays too big a part. The common factor, the blend in factor, the rules, the boxes, the categories, the excuses for human nature and that's just the way it is which equals lack of evolving.. and it's just mockery of people. Speaking of mockery, aren't radio DJ's mean?! There's not one I have heard who doesn't mock someone's looks, mostly pop stars. It's different when you have a slight go at Lady Gaga's face crown of thorns, God love that crazy bitch, but stuff like crowd gets dazzled by his bald head said by DJ in a really mean voice gosh what a condom.

Ok back to mature, so the book I was reading is Sweet Caroline by Lissa Matthews. I am so exhausted today other wise I'd do a review right now of that book. But it was everything I dreamed off and more. Why? I'll go more in detail, but for now, “Because, if it’s something you want from me, I should at least be willing to consider it. It’s what lovers do.” And this is just one line from a story about need, fullfillment and love.