Thursday, 29 April 2010

Once again I was so glad to read a story where the character is as mature as Buck

in Sweet Caroline. He's broadminded and just plain cool, he's the perfect romance hero combined with actually the opposite of what romance-Fabio- heroes conjure up. Welcome to mature Erotica, the one that that speaks to the mind and makes every other organ tingle and aroused more because of it. I could make a list of heroes that are like Buck, one of them is Adam from Adored, quite a few Amarinda Jones heroes, Lissa Matthews ones, Brody Kincaid from Stripped Bare by Lena Matthews, Justin from Love Honour and Obey by Cynthia Rayne and quite a few Melinda Barron ones.

Gosh, I can't believe how women waste their time on men who are style and no substance. And how they settle and make excuses for someone just because they happen to find them good looking. It's one of the most stupid things in the world and I have no patience for it.

Okay, some pictures and then I'm calling it a day. There's quite a few things that affect me but I really give up on society and the mainstream and the so called rebels. I think sometimes people get this inner happiness that has nothing to do with any of the above.

Enjoy the pictures and don't forget movie weekend! But if you're not particpating, I hope you have a GREAT one. Thanks and goodnight.

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