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Graceful Submission.

I read this book years ago and it's always been there on my mind. It was the first BDSM book I read and I really enjoy Melinda Barron's work. What actually stands out about her are her great characters, those make books favourites because they make the BDSM and/or heighten the sexual tension and the sex between the characters.

What reminded me about Graceful Submission was making a check list for myself. I remembered Grace the heroine in this book did that too, it wasn't called a check list but her thoughts made me love the character. My check list is different from hers but some if not most of us can still relate to her earlier ones in particular.

Another part of the book I loved was when Topher, I know what you're thinking and I know it may not necessarily be bad, saw a picture of Grace and didn't go for the usual line of speech. He's a very mature man inside. He asks if that was her ex husband standing next to her and when it is, he says he didn't deserve someone as lovely as her. As Grace says he could have said something about her weight, or "nice tits baby" but he goes for something deep and it comes off naturally. It's a small little thing but it means a lot and I felt more and more in sync with Grace with regards to Topher. I was there on the journey with her.

Here is a blurb from Graceful Submission. I have also included an excerpt after it, one that I chose. It's a spoiler excerpt but one that is hardly a suprise to any erotic romance reader, you know they're going to get you know what. I'm so glad I bought this book again. I'd buy it again and again each time my computer gets rebooted. This book is well worth it and Topher and Grace mean a lot to me. I love Melinda Barron. I really recommend her other work and she's done two sequels to Graceful Submission.

"Plus-sized Grace Kinison lives a dull life. She’s a teacher and aspiring author, who does nothing but work, and then write on her novel. That is until she becomes a cyber submissive.

Grace has agreed to help her childhood friend’s husband plan her surprise birthday party. Grace thinks her fellow party planner, Toffer Shelley, is a writer on a TV show. What she doesn’t know is that he’s the show’s sexy star, Drake Dawson. He’s a Dom, and he wants to work his magic on her.

When Grace runs into trouble at work her cyber relationship turns into the real thing after she travels to Hollywood to meet Toffer. She’s thrilled to be meeting her Master, until she realizes that he’s the most gorgeous man in Hollywood.

But Toffer won’t let Grace judge him by his looks. He takes her on a sexual journey full of bondage and submission, which give her strength to overcome challenges in her own work.

Publisher’s Note: Graceful Submission is a nontraditional love story that contains sexual content that may be offensive to some readers: bondage and submission, spanking, punishment, anal sex and other BDSM practices."

"Grace fought the Las Vegas traffic, parked at the hotel and, finding that Toffer wasn’t there yet, registered herself. Once upstairs, she called and left the room number on his voice mail. She took a shower and was just wrapping herself in a towel when a knock came on the door.

She looked through the peephole and smiled when she saw Toffer staring back at her. Grace opened the door and he stood still, staring at her. She stepped aside as he brushed through, slammed the door and pressed her into the wall for a harsh kiss.

“Don’t you ever run from me again. Is that the way you handle fights? To run? Shit, Grace, you didn’t give me a chance to say anything.”

“You said, that I couldn’t. And then you told me to get out.”

“No, I told Giselle to get out. I was looking at you, true, but that’s because I wanted everyone to see that I loved you, that I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I was angry and couldn’t find the right words to tell her that you would never pull a stunt like she’d pulled, that you were more of a woman than she ever was. That I loved you more than anything in the world.”

“I’m so sorry. I just don’t deal with confrontations very well.”

“Why? Tell me why you ran so far. I expected to find you back at the house.”
Grace looked away, and Toffer put his fingers on her chin to bring her face back in line with his.
“Why, baby?”

“My ex, Jesse? When we broke up, he did it publicly. The look on your face, and the words get out, they threw me back to a really bad place and I freaked. Please forgive me.”

“Only if you forgive me. I’m so sorry. I love you and I would never do anything to hurt you. You have to believe that.”

“I love you too, Toffer. I know you’d never hurt me, but I allowed old insecurities to come into play.”

“I want us to get married, tonight.” His voice held a note of finality and Grace stared at him, dumbfounded.

“Excuse me?”

“We’re getting married. Right now. Lindsey and Peter are in their own room waiting to stand up for us. You want Elvis? Or you want more traditional?”

“Toffer, I …”

“Don’t argue with me, Grace. I don’t ever want to take the chance of losing you. This will bind us forever. So what’s it gonna be?”

Grace threw her head back and laughed. “Well, since we’re in Las Vegas …”

Chapter Fourteen

Note to self: Try not to stare at your ring finger too much. It gives away the fact that you are blissfully happy.

To Do List:

Change name on driver’s license
Change name on bank accounts
Call moving companies about boxing up house
Attend hearing about employment."

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