Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Alternative title The Adventures of Jerk Wad and Brother F...

(brother as in friend).

It wasn't just an incredibly hot day, it was sweltering. There was no part of the air outside that provided any comfort for me. My boyfriend told me to wait outside for him after English class. He was talking to his friends and did not even look at me out of the corner of his eye when class finished. All the other girls looked at me when I was standing outside the door waiting like a little obedient puppy for his Highness. Some girls even pushed me a little, I was the shortest in our year but my boyfriend told me I also had the biggest ass. After he saw me refuse to eat anything for lunch and dinner at our halls, he told me he meant it as a compliment. I was about to tell him where to stick the food, when he stuck a spoon of mashed potatoes in my mouth and basically forced me to eat it. He then told me to wear a longer skirt as I was flashing my thighs to all his friends.

This started off our series of bad days. Each night he would try and get his dick into my pussy, I'd say panties but unless I'm menstruating I don't wear any, and I would yell something, anything at him, stuff like how he was a controlling jerk, how he never understood the pressures I endured, how he didn't know what it was like being a fucking girl at this crap heap of a school. I swore and slammed his door. The third night I did this, I was met by a pair of brown eyes. His friend, Charles. I was so aroused I had to masturbate at the thought of Charles fucking my anus in my room.

I hadn't thought about my jerk boyfriend sexually for almost a week. I liked the new found "freedom." But I also liked that I was still with him. Over the weekend I got my skirt to be made shorter. I didn't want to roll it up any longer and I wanted the long safety pin that was there to be placed just right of my shaved pussy. No one knew except me and I hoped either Charles or jerk would smell my pussy's arousal.


"Oh so you're free now!" I shouted at jerk in the corridor.

He didn't say anything, just went red in the face. God damn it, I wanted to say just fucking say something for once in your life, tell me off, do something, I know Charles would.

I started to walk away when I felt him grab my sweater. "You're wearing less and less clothing each day" Underneath the sweater I didn't wear a shirt as one is supposed to. It was a v neck and I was braless underneath.

"So?" I sassed.

"You're skirt is shorter too." His lips were drawn into a line, tight and unyielding.

"You don't own me." I scolded.

I walked away and made sure my big ass was swaying from side to side for him. Yeah that's right, no one gets to feel this up without earning it. My big ass was soft but pert, it would be great upturned on a desk, bare pussy against the wood and spanked so both my cheeks were stinging and red.

I had recently developed a spanking fetish. Ass play too, someone fondling it with the rest of me clothed outdoors, indoors, anywhere they liked. What the fuck?! I hated how that interfered with my feminist bullshit. This goddamned school, it was a prison. I wanted to get out, I was now a consenting adult ..jerk had apparently already reached that status.

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