Sunday, 18 April 2010

Betty Blue.

Has anyone seen this movie? I watched it some time ago. I love to watch a movie that pushes me in some way. Even the trailer affects me and I felt a tug on when I watched the movie, no neat little answers, an uneasiness that's what I felt. It wasn't the greatest movie I ever saw about 5 years ago, it didn't steal my heart like Dead Poets Society but Betty Blue is a slowburn affair. It leaves you wondering when you watch it at a certain level of maturity. I no longer want the boy to passionately kiss the older woman and make love on the table, instead I want the more realistic stuff, not sex but two people who are fucking who do have an impact on each other in some way. Betty Blue isn't Why Didn't You Write Me?! It's GOD DAMNED BETTY BLUE.

I'm going to see if I can get a copy of this online.

I wonder when I watch it again now more mature, will it get to me like The Piano Teacher? But the thing with The Piano teacher is that it wasn't about fire (to me that is what Betty Blue represents..the blue in the picture is funny), The Piano Teacher was about the great Isabella Huppert's performance. Personally she's the only woman who comes close to reminding me a little of Greta Garbo.

I was reading an interesting debate about Betty Blue which asked the same question; why do American critics make this movie about Beatrice Dalle's (Betty) tits and ass, have they never seen a sexy woman's parts..unless in porn or the young "hotties"..know what I mean? It seems they're extreme about women and sex and femininity. It's either classy or sexy, one can't be both. To me Beatrice Dalle does indeed have a nice body but it's that performance, it's impulsive. So I think the movie is made great by her.

The extremes in Western society also make me wonder about women who features in magazines, implants, tan and extensions, it's obvious sensuality and I feel sorry for Roger Ebert the American movie critic. I know like my feeling sorry isn't going to make the earth horizontal but he seems narrowminded...just as I was getting to like his passion, bad bad boy. "Reviews have been written debating the movie's view of madness, of feminism, of the travail of the artist. They all miss the point. "Betty Blue" is a movie about Beatrice Dalle's boobs and behind, and everything else is just what happens in between the scenes where she displays them." - Roger Ebert

I like the reply to that from a poster, "He can't be serious!" Indeed.

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