Friday, 23 April 2010

More on Desire.

A quick summary on the story so far, Julie is a librarian, she tells her colleague and friend that she wants to enter the BDSM scene. She's interested in the submissive and dominant side. This is something she's been thinking about for a while. Julie herself would say she's a loner, always left of everyone else is her description, theirs would be weird.

The morning passed by as usual, Bryan the security guard came in at 10 as per usual to chat up her friend Andie. Julie normally gave him a small friendly smile though for some reason he had decided to ignore her long ago. She came from manners and figured there should be no bad feeling from her part. Andie talked and talked afterwards telling her that she had a long term boyfriend, whom Julie knew of, and although Bryan was cute, she shouldn't really be letting him flirt with her, she should draw the line. As if Julie was an expert on human psychology, Andie asked when and how she should do so. "Why don't you just enjoy it?" Julie replied to Andie's questions. "Is that what you would do?" Andie replied back. "Yeah, in fact I'd practice on Bryan..if you know what I mean?" Andie just shook her head at her, but she looked amused. Hell even if some 16 year old gangly boy stared at Julie's boobs, she'd let him touch her up. Sex was sex.

Now, Andie had come back from her morning break. 11 couldn't come soon enough. Julie was dying to read one of her favourite books and masturbate. She'd probably masturbated 12 hours ago, she wished she could have got one in before she left work too. She felt a hand on her arm. It was Andie. She smiled at her, what was she playing at? "Could you do me a favour?" "Bryan?" Andie smiled apologetically. "Can you give him this note?" The question was on her lips, why couldn't she give it to him herself tomorrow but then seeing the look on her friend's face as if there was a rush, she smiled back and agreed.

Taking the note, she thought to get this over and done with.

In the entrance of the building, Bryan stood still as a statue. He looked menacing, big and she'd only seen him soften for Andie. It was nice to know he had that in him.

"Andie told me to give you this." God, this was just like school. He looked at her in is usual mix of hatred and amusement but Julie meant buisness and held out the note to him, not greeting him before hand, there was no point.

When he took the note she heard, "Okay thank you."

She was going to walk away.."Say, Bryan" She softened her voice a bit knowing she sounded a bit too tough, "do you have any weapons on you at this moment?" She couldn't look at his face, it wasn't the question, it was him, he was literally too menacing to her, his lips in a grim line.

"Yes." His Grimness didn't break.

"So you can tackle a thief?"

"Or a terrorist."


If he had a baton she'd have to steal and it masturbate with it. Then she'd give it to him and Andie as a little happy to see you together present, if that were to happen.

She laughed and walked away. In her mind she wanted to give him a blow job, use up some of her pent sexual energy, waiting and bursting to come out. Fuck she was bursting out of her top and her panties were creamed just from being awake.

She went back into the library and walked to the Romance section. Yeah, some things were a little more than "romantic." She should try something different, maybe a little Medical romance, yes Dishy Doctor and Nervous Nurse. But the Nurse becomes a total whore for him, why wouldn't she "He's dishy" She mocked out loud. She couldn't care less if people saw her talking to herself.

But this time she'd stick to her book about the new teacher at the all males school. So far the teacher had struck up quite a friendship with this some what star student and he'd come in and ask her advice more regularly, in her office no less. Julie read descriptions of "wispy dark brown hair and intense whiskey brown eyes", tall of course as was the case with romances and athletic looking. It was his serious nature that made Julie cream her panties, the way he would intensely listen to Ms Anderson in class and seek her out on everything, as if he was obsessed with her. Initially he thought her shy and nervous, now he thought she was a cut above every woman, two, he'd ever met.

"Mr Perry, you're early today."

"Yes. I have soccer practice in half an hour."

"Take a seat."

"You look pretty today."

"Excuse me?"

"I said you look pretty. Y-you look pretty everyday."

"Mr Perry."

"Ms Anderson. God, your face looks so flushed and alive."

"Well I am alive Mr Perry and I don't think that.."

In that moment he took her his arms and crushed his mouth to hers.

She slapped him. It stopped him only momentarily, he crushed his mouth to hers again. He kissed her like a man starving and he was a man, the erection in his trousers clear evidence of his manhood. It was raging like a ginormous instrument against her cunt.

He took her blazer from her shoulders. It was brown, tweed and hid her beautiful breasts from him.

Pushing her against the wall, he knelt down. He kissed through her skirt, kissed her cunt. Then he shoved his face under.

"It's the ffirst time I wore a skirt, ever."

He bit on her clit.


"MM" She ruffled his wispy hair.

"Please.." She kept moaning as he licked her pussy, her creamed panties shoved aside and her stockinged thighs rubbing against his head.

He kept licking and she was forced to shout out,"Suck my boobs PLEASE!"

Mr Perry gave her a devilish smile. His lips were wet and sticky from her juices. She needed to come but she also needed him to suck and lick her nipples which were pointing through her bra, her silk camisole and hber blouse.

"Oh.."He wrapped her garments off like a savage.

"Mm..such creamy tits.."

Julie touched herself, yeah okay so the book didn't say tits or cunt or a lot of other things, but it was going in that direction. "Oh the things I want to do to these. How big are they? "Mr Perry growled.

"I take a size 36 C."

"Oh baby, "He stuck his head inbetween her tit flesh. Then he licked literally around her tits. Touching her areola but not her nipple. There was no space between his lips and nose and her breasts, they were smashed against his face.

Julie masturbated imagining how Mr Perry licked around and around Ms Anderson's breasts and then when she was writhing almost dropping on the ground, he licked across one pointed, hard nipple. In her mind the heroine came along with Julie, her clit from pulsing to a sharp quick release and she could feel her whole pussy contracting, wet on the seat.


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