Thursday, 8 April 2010

And there's even more

She showered in the morning no matter how early that was something Julie enjoyed. Never mind the smell of soaps, it was the waterfall of warm water was comforting and luxurious to her body and mind and each day she could feel her body, skin and hair fresh, and to her that feeling was better than ideals and perfection other people wanted and expected.

As she got ready, Julie decided that this was the day to take the plunge. She had had a good night's sleep and she knew better that the feeling of promise to the day was something that would have be worked for and not just fall into her lap.

"So how are you feeling?" Again Julie couldn't say much to her friend and colleague who walked up to her on the front desk of the library.

"I'm feeling good." She replied, wondering if Andie asked her a loaded question.

"Join any clubs?" There it was. "Yes. I mean not yet, but I will do today."

"I have to say you are very brave. I don't think I would have the confidence."

"I want the confidence and I want to know and feel BDSM."


"Oh come on Andie, I don't care what people think of me in that respect."

"Well you don't want to get fired."

Julie bit her lip. Actually the idea of two people working in an establishment discussing BDSM could in theory could lead to an issue. She let out a big sigh and finished her work on the computer. Day by day less and less people became overdue on their books, whilst Julie knew that was because of fees the naughty part of her imagined spanking a male because his books were overdue and because he wanted to be a good boy to mummy would have to return all his books on time. The town talked, her reputation as the whip wielding no nonsense tough woman in heels no less, spread and she imagined some men getting to lick her pussy as their reward for being good boys and returning their books on time to Mistress Julie.

Her fantasies mixed things up but to her they made perfect sense, she just didn't care to analyse them, all she knew was sitting on this chair she was wet and horny. Perhaps she would read a Harlequin book on her break, the sexual tension in those books and the scenes would make her want to masturbate in the bathroom and she would.

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