Friday, 16 April 2010

This cocoon I'm in.

This weekend before I go back to the stupid world, I'm going to have the caved in time of my life. I was going to go grocery shopping, fuck that, I like to live on leftovers and eat out of jars because there is nothing else. It makes me actually look forward to the weekly food shop.

My plans for my cocoon weekend;

Read Penelope Friday's Too Good To Be True,

Watch Great Expectations. Ethan Hawke is so hot when he's pumping into Gwyneth. In my mind, I bump the doll off and he's fucking me. I want to take him against a brick wall in the rain and give him a blow job,

Listen to great music and have a dance around

Enjoy myself, know what I'm saying..I love woman on woman porn. No fucking each other with dildos, but rubbing their pussies and fucking in the missionary postion really turns me on. I have to wonder, am I going lesbian, can one go lesbian? The only man in porn who actually turns me on is one I've blogged about and the reason he turns me on is he's so fucking sensual. I want men to do women like women do each other porn. Lots of kisses, tongue and sexy fondling.

Sit out on the balcony and write scorching hot sex in the cold wind that makes my nipples hard,

Watch Robin Williams' stand up show tonight. The funniest man alive AND in Dead Poets Society? Do-able.

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