Thursday, 8 April 2010

More on Desire.

The nights were shorter than the days, the sun set fairly early and Julie had to be up at sunrise. Her sleep was surpsingly heavy, she slept thinking of someone fucking her in the ass in her bed. He seemed to take on the appearance of a man she had once met, she knew that she would never see him at a BDSM club because things just did not work out that way but before sleeping she fantasised she had done a strip tease before him only to reveal herself in leather with her tits and pussy exposed for him. He was hard, sitting on her bed about to tell her off, she could see his penis sticking up, red and long for her, and she was so past it by that point, she kneeled on the bed and fingered her clit. After making herself come for him, she looked him in the eye cleaning her juices off her fingers. He grabbed her wrist all of a sudden, a move she didn't expect from Mr nice and polite, and then warned her to never keep her bottom hidden from him even if it was in this "contraption" as he called it, he unfastened two buckles and shoved the leather barely covering her ass aside, and then whispered in his ear that if she had any problems with him fucking her anus, she should say so now. "But I've never done it before" Julie fantasised saying breathlessly. "Then why are you panting for it?" Her boobs felt so heavy and she started plucking her nipples and then she head a growl and a zipper and trousers being shoved and pushed. "Finger your clit, baby" He moaned in her ear and she did. Then she felt his cock. He went slow and somehow it made her hornier than if he just shoved it in her, she threw one side of her face on the pillow and he kissed the other side of her neck, Oh Oh Oh they both moaned and groaned as he fucked her asshole. Keep it in me she moaned nonsensically and she thought she heard "keep fingering your clit." her fingers were wet despite her only coming a minute ago and she loved how he was animalistically fucking her.

But in her dreams she didn't come and he merely faded away. Julie woke to find her nipples hard and red and tits full and her sheets sticky with a white spot on them.

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