Friday, 9 April 2010

The OTHER excerpt from Full Moon Rising by Lorie O Clare.

Excerpt is one I have picked out.

To be honest I didn't like the hero, because I read Lissa Matthews, Tina O Donhaue and Amarinda Jones and their heroes are written better and I've read more faithful, more true power plays and exchanges in other books. The hero Ethan gives Beth what she wants in sex but the problem is despite her personality and as a result their exchange, I feel it comes across is too one sided in a way or just not quite all there. Anyway, this is a beautifully written book and sexy and hot on the sexual descriptions. Not all books can do it for me, this one does in that respect.

Full Moon Rising By Lorie O Clare.

“I decide how to handle my pack. You don’t make those decisions. And I don’t answer to you on how the pack is run.” He took a step toward her, her eyes continually moving over him, taking in his stance, returning to his face and then looking him over again. “But you will answer to me for your actions.”

“I don’t answer to anyone.” She didn’t back up. Her hands went to her hips and her jaw set with a determined expression.

He couldn’t keep from touching her any longer. Gripping her neck, sliding his fingers up her soft skin, the heat from her body almost scalded his senses. She looked up at him wide-eyed, not fighting him, but mentally daring him with a look he was sure had sent many werewolves running with their tails between their legs.

There was no way he could resist any longer. Lowering his mouth to hers, he watched her eyelids flutter closed, and then open again, never looking away while he brushed his lips over hers.

She tasted better than he’d imagined. Her body was rigid though, her hard breathing the only clue he had to her arousal. That and the intense emotions steaming the air around them. She would submit to him. Her challenging gaze made him want her to accept his domination even more.

Gripping her jaw, he kissed her hard, stealing her breath, demanding her compliance. She gasped, causing fire to rush through him with enough ferocity to turn his cock to steel.
He dove into her mouth, piercing it with his tongue, relishing her heat and sweet addictive taste.

Beth pushed against his chest, breaking the kiss. Her cheeks were an adorable shade of pink, the gold in her eyes a wonderful contrast against the green. She almost panted, her mouth parted, her lips glossy from their kiss.

“Don’t try that again.” Her words came out on a breath, her flushed expression and heavy breathing making her demand sound weak.

“Are you challenging me?” He moved in on her, itching to grab a hold of her breasts that strained against her shirt.

Her lips quivered, her mouth moving to say something but then she hesitated. She backed away, while pointing her finger at him. The urge to grab it, suck it into his mouth, just to see what she looked like when she came, overwhelmed him.

“I’m…not interested in you.” She looked away from him, only for a moment.

But it was enough for him to see she was lying. He grabbed her under the arms, lifting her, pressing her back against the wall.

“Don’t ever lie to me, Beth.” He pressed his body against hers, let her feel his hard cock press against her.

“Oh.” She gasped, crying out in surprise.

Beth Parks didn’t have werewolves handling her this roughly very often. And he had a feeling that might be her problem. Her size had nothing to do with her strength. And she needed a werewolf stronger than she was to break the icy front she put out, and allow her to feel the passion he sensed rushing through her.

Ethan crushed his mouth over hers, no longer polite, but demanding. She needed to be shown an authority stronger than her own. His blood boiled when her tongue swirled around his, slowly at first. It was as if she needed to touch him, but feared the level of submission he demanded. He was certain he asked a first of her, but knew she could do it. Beth needed to know he was in charge, and she needed to learn to trust his authority.

She struggled only for a moment and then slowly he felt her relax into him. Opening her mouth further, her tongue darted forward, daring to taste what he offered. He pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her, crushing her to his chest. Her heart pounded against him, matching the driving beat that already rushed through his body.

Her fingers pressed into his shoulders, not necessarily holding on, but possibly testing his strength. The heat of her touch scorched through his shirt, adding to the blaze already burning straight to his soul.

Moving to his chair, never once breaking the kiss, he relaxed into it, cradling her into his lap. The softness of her ass caused all blood to rush straight to his cock. He was almost dizzy with the urge to come, to explode. More than anything he wanted to rip her clothes from her, bend her over, and impale her, filling her with his hot cream while she screamed out his name.

A gasp escaped her lips, her body curving around his. She adjusted herself, pulling her mouth away, breaking the kiss. He heard her struggle to breathe. He ran his mouth over her flushed cheeks, feeling the fever burning there. Every inch of her was on fire, her lust pent-up way too long. More than likely few men had been strong enough to allow her the true freedom of releasing.

The hardness of her nipples, stabbing his chest, distracted him. Her skin burned though him, branding his soul when he pushed his hand under her shirt. Her breath was hot against the side of his head, boiling his brain, fogging his senses. He needed more of her.

Charges of electricity rushed through him when he brushed his fingers over her skin, tracing a path toward her chest. A staggered breath escaped her when he cupped her breast through the soft material of her bra.

“Damn. Beth.” He could hardly contain himself. Her surrender in his arms, her intoxicating aroma of lust, made the beast within him begin to emerge.

Moving the fabric that covered her nipple, he rubbed the hardened nub between his thumb and finger. Something primal, raw, more intense than his human body could handle threatened to break through.

“God.” She cried out, her body stiffening on his lap.

The smell of her cum filled the air so quickly he wasn’t ready for his reaction."


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