Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Dreams by The Cranberries. Enough said.


This song is like taking off all your clothes and jumping into the water. Btw I don't feel like that cos of the facebook thing, I just get these crazy feelings ANYWAY.

Carpe Lake-em!

The water where I went for a walk today was sparkling, it was so sunny. I had to walk past it and around it, just to enjoy it.


  1. Great song. I had a crush on the lead singer, even with her shaved head. Lol.

  2. Hi Sean! When I went on youtube, I found that you're not the only one, it seemd quite a theme! She looks great.

  3. K
    Really? Hmmm, I thought I was just an abnomally, I mean how many dudes would actually find a shaved-headed woman atractive? Although I think it is just Dolores, I mean I was never attracted to Sinead O'Connor.

  4. It's weird, I read quite a few things on the internet which make me suprised too. It's all in her nature I suppose, Sinead was different and Dolores has more of a calm-ness perhaps.

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  6. Yeah that might just be it K.