Sunday, 11 April 2010

Infedility IS a big deal.

I'm reading, have been reading for months now various articles and opinions of Tiger Woods. He is of course the awesome golfer who is an icon. But he cheated on his wife with several women, one who is a porn star.

Firstly there has been sympathy quite rightly so for his wife. I don't care how much she knew of his infidelity, if she even knew at all, I really don't think the woman was crying with tears of happiness to her kids, I love your cheating Daddy so much! You know? Any tears would be out of frustration and anger. I think she deserves sympathy as a mother, wife and a woman.

Secondly I read men cheating on their wives who look like models and those on their wives who don't. I have read comments on wives who don't take on a model appearance, which are less than sympathetic towards her. To those I say, grow up. When you are in a relationship with someone you don't dick around literally, you respect her. So when you make vows, you should do it more so. What are you a little boy?

Tiger Woods should continue to play golf in peace. If there is any talk of his infedility by a golf commentator, that is shameful and commentator should be sacked in my opinion. But as a man, I don't have any respect for him. I don't care if he's a tormented soul.

I keep thinking back to Bill Clinton. Some people say some great men, men who are talented and proactive have these ..habits. I know about the Kennedys reputations. Personally I think these men are disgusting. I am fully in favour of a president resigning because he was dicking around with his secretary or a famous actress or another woman, whatever the woman, because I don't want to see that man's face in power like that. It's not that I don't think he's good at his job..the presidancy not the dicking around part, but that he is a disgusting human being. Sure there are more disgusting out there, paedophiles, rapists but to me infidelity IS big deal and vows should be taken more seriously.

And as for the woman who is accused of not paying attention to the husband, the woman who maybe loses her sexual appetite later, wouldn't it be nice if the husband could control his dick and wait I don't care how long it is and have some BALLS you know not just balls but GUTS and COURAGE to say look I know there's no right time to do this but I have to talk to you about our marriage.

Grow up guys grow up. Any woman who cheats on her husband, I take the same view on, though I think more men are more sexually aggressive than women, I' m not going to go easier on a woman who breaks her vows.

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