Saturday, 24 April 2010

Is there a technical nerd out there? Btw I love nerds and geeks and in a lusty way too

So if you've said hey! to this, you just turned me on with your powers of Nerd. Sorry if you're female and not that way inclined towards me- good job we don't live near, eh. (Or do we).

ANYWAY point is folks, I want to upload a video using my webcam. My webcam belongs to a piece of CRAP laptop which was not only not installed with any fans so had to pay extra for that later on but breaks down every single year since I bought it. It's shit. So I could do this on facebook but you know what happened there. Which website can I upload a video on that doesn't have terms and conditions against "obscene" material? Even this blog has that term and condish and if I break it, bye bye blog like bye bye facebook. I don't know how to access my webcam without going through a website. If I did, I would have done it that way. I'm tempted to open a myspace account or do twitter (which I'm already on) and post the photos and then save them to my computer and delete them..but just wondering if there is another way.

I want do a striptease and post a couple more booby pictures. Maybe one that goes further once I get into it.

Someone's gonna report me aren't they! I hate snitches.

Anyway, to those who don't and are pondering my quest of ion,(what?) THANK YOU in advance.


  1. I'm definitely a nerd, but I'm not that fluent in nerdese. I've never had the 'pleasure' of using a webcam. Sorry, believe me I wish I could help.

  2. Haha, "nerdese" like that. Yeah I believe you; insert symbol hehe.

  3. What i dont understand is that my computer has all this CRAP on it (and i dont mean my porn collection bcos thats not crap) but it doesnt have one thing to say how to open the webcam like with an icon. Who built this crap, lol.