Thursday, 22 April 2010

The serious look.

Glasses add that seriousness to one's face. I happen to like it. I've had a fantasy about crawling across the table, messing a man's clothes up and have him fuck me on the table with his shirt all unrespectable and tie on the floor, since the age of 8. Or even better against a wall outside. But I do have an aversion to men who look as they they wax and tweeze their eye brows into thin lines wearing glasses. They normally seem to be bald, that seems to be a pattern which by the way I'm not mocking but just stating. I'm not twelve, I know hair is lost and to me it does not define a man. In fact men who blow dry their hair turn me off. I don't mind so much the trendy spikes because if I had boy short hair, I'd want to get it edgy looking too but it's not a turn on for me, it's just part of the man not the reason I like the man. Nice hair? What about nice hands, nice smile, nice arms, after all these are things I'm mostly encountering in bed or against a wall. The ruffle of hair is not going to take up that much time.

But this is a lame topic, and I've drawn it out and made it a post as much as I could. I suppose the reason I started it was partly because I saw Ethan Hawke (sorry, him again) wearing these big dorky glasses in Mystery Date (oh God love that movie), he looked so vulnerable and like if he cried wearing his glasses, it would kill me. Not cos it's Ethan Hawke, I no longer have a crush on him though I think he's drop dead gorgeous and the most good looking man in Hollywood bar none, quote me on it, but the first time I watched Dream Date (see it's so good, I got the title wrong), I had an appreciation for glasses.

Now I just have an appreciation for sex and men. Unfussy men, manly in the real way men. And if I put a pair of glasses on them and asked them to wear my pink panties, that's not at all going to turn me on.

p.s the woman in the picture has that whole Sweater Girl look. I love it. I want it. I wouldn't mind her either.

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