Friday, 9 April 2010

Cool website alert.

I am friends with Paul Maher Jr on face book and he has a great sense of humour and is truly one of those people you can learn from. He's written about Jack Kerouac who has inspired a lot of people and being a Dead Poets Society fan I can see similarities in what I know about Kerouac to the adventure and spirit of that group and the character of Nuwanda. Paul has also collected poems from Henry David Thoreau and there's some insight into more of his work including some beautiful photography. Have a visit on this link and don't be afraid to leave a message or comment, carpe diem, don't be shy!

Take care all and happy reading. In fact shouldn't we make one weekend a reading weekend? We could learn so much. Just a thought for now, but am going to seriously have some kind of 10 books- in fact why not 50? you should read before you die book club. Watch this space.


  1. i like

  2. That looks cool. Thank you for that link. Welcome to ze blog Shawn.