Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Four things I didn't think I would like to try but turns out I would, I haven't blogged about them before (you're wondering what could possibly be left..)

In no order,

1 Whilst I'm not interested in "golden showers" no matter how sexy the person is in bed, I wouldn't mind being hauled off after having a pee and having someone fuck me right in my pussy right then and after. And if I still haven't finished...

2 You're married? I'll throw caution to the wind and my morals, since you don't have any, and have you fuck me aand if you moan your wife's name in my ear, that won't even throw me off. USE me.

3 Pose provactively, well as best I possibly could, and post that on facebook. You'd see a lot.

4 Feet. Yes, feet.

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