Friday, 26 March 2010

Here is more Slowburn.


So now they were in the car with Michael driving his own special way, not one mph over the speed limit on the road, and Mel just sat there with her head hung not knowing anything anymore. She felt like she had been sucked into a big hole and there was darkness all around her. It seemed even Mike's patience, sexiness and love was not enough to drag her out. She really needed help, but she knew that anyway.

"Are you okay?" She looked at Michael who asked her that.

She just smiled. She remembered at school one of her friends had just done the same, that was the only reaction of hers for the rest of the day..and she nor anyone else knew what her friend had just been through but it was sure that she had been through something.

She didn't want to be this pathetic little soul in Michael's arms that evening, she couldn't take sharing more of herself with him. She wanted out..just to smack herself upside the head or do something to get her out of this. He's had his bad days too but this was the first time in their relationship that she had stopped him from fucking her mid fuck..they were both naked and both as aroused as hell and he was going to make love to her tits, but this THING grabbed her..she couldn't be around herself let alone him.

But he'd come with her when she was upset. That spoke volumes. But it was the unconditional love he had for her that made her wonder about something she said in the past...did he want to take care of vulnerable her..did he see something in her no one else saw and whilst she loved to be submissive towards him, did he see her vulnerability first and fall in love with that and her later?

So many silly questions ran through her mind, they were not going to solve her crisis. That pain she felt everyday wouldn't go away.

"Hey." Mike touched her hand. "You know when I didn't want to talk to you earlier about my previous job, I understand what you're going through."

"Before I met you, I dreamt about your eyes. In fact you were in my dreams twice." She was a certified insane person, the way he looked at her. They were at her house and he had stopped the car and she had just blabbered something that had nothing to do with anything.

He kissed her neck and tucked her short hair behind her ears. There was something very protective when he did that and like he wanted to never not see her face, something she wished she could hide around everyone else. It was one of those smackably annoying faces.

But his fingers touched her already branded skin.. was there a centimeter of her body that he did not posses? Seriously, he touched her everywhere.

She didn't want this to end ..but her MIND. It would get in the way..

Michael was outside the vehicle. She opened her door and the air hit her. It was dark outside, the sun had set. He was standing in front of her seated form. "Where's your bag?" She asked him. He didn't answer her. Did he not want to assume anything or were things ending? She got up feeling an anger. When she was out, she stood on the high pavement ready to close the door, but he closed it. She saw his reflection on the car. She saw hers and she saw them together, she had never felt so together as he had made her feel in bed, she would contribute all of that to him because whilst she sparked things, he made them perfect and he made her feel perfectly beautiful. So she'd not take that away, her flaws were her godamned humanity and nothing to balk at.

She felt his arms wrap around her waist. Closing her eyes she felt his body. If she touched his arm, she would melt, so she didn't.

It took them a few minutes and she realised whilst they were walking up the stairs to her house, hand in hand, body with body and arms intertwined, that he didn't rush her, or prompt her to go inside the house. He just held in his arms in the cold night air and gave her time.

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