Wednesday, 3 March 2010

One night stands.

Celebrities' claim that one night stands them sick is ridiculous whether they are telling the truth or not. This just adds to the differences between men and women and this idea a woman should be pretty much close to a virgin and a good little girl.. but a man is allowed to fullfill his needs and wants.

We all know what a woman is called when she does that.

I don't see what is wrong with one night stands. Of course things can be fun when they are wrong..somtimes especially ..but if it's between consenting adults, what is so wrong in exploring your sexuality and/or just getting laid?! Sex is part of our human needs and humans want it too, we talk about, we read about it, we watch it, so it's there, and it's not going to go away. We can't conform to stereotypes. I'd like to know what I am doing in bed and I'd like to know what I like. How am I going to discover that about myself unless I do it with different people and at different times or stages in my life? Because reading and watching only go so far.

This man's world- society only puts shame on sexually knowledgeable, confident and independant women and further adds to the objectification of women. Women can exude sex, they can pose provacatively but they're not allowed to explore their sexuality and their needs.

It's a man and woman's place to look after themselves in terms of hygiene and safety but this is pure misogyny to put a woman in one place like this.

Unless sex does come up in a conversation, no woman in a public place should even be put on the spot like that. It's her private life, she can do what she wants if she is not harming anyone.

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