Thursday, 18 March 2010

"Tell her something in my mind, freezes up from time to time."

More Slowburn.

"Oh I don't want to destroy them." He said just as his lips descended to one of her nipples..

"Can you get up?" Mel put her hand on Michael's chest. He froze. "Sorry." She saw his eyes and just regretted what she did immediately.

He was just looking at her. Yes still baffled. "Please." She pleaded again.
Thank God, he moved slowly and she shifted herself to the other side of the bed.

Without saying anything, she got up off the bed. She knew if she sat there, he would too, and he'd be watching her looking at the walls in a dark room.

"Your clothes are downstairs."

"Yeah, I'll go get them."

"Mel," He grabbed her arm

"Don't.." That word just came out.

Mel walked out of the room and went down the stairs.

As she put her clothes on, she saw him there with her downstairs. "You're going through something..I know talking is the most difficult thing right now, and I want you to do it...

..I'll hold you. We won't do anything, just hold each other."

"I can't. I feel angry." She choked between tears.

She unlocked the front door. His front door.

She heard him run up the stairs. But for some reason she didn't open the door.

He came back down. It was a mistake to turn around. Because with him, she looked at his face.

He had a bag with him.

He didn't say anything. Mel turned around and opened the door slowly. "Are you coming?"


She had meant to ask that out of curiosity only but perhaps he interpreted differently. The look in his eyes almost broke through her sorrow and she could have sworn she saw an "always."

But she couldn't get rid of the pain. It had lept up on her, taking her away from him earlier as he was just about to make love to her.

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