Thursday, 11 March 2010

So why the heck am I even talking about other things

When I found this seriously molten excerpt on Lissa Matthews blog. Ive probably blown all the copyright laws so seriously I'll take this down..but I had to share. Have you ever had an excerpt make you cry? I just have. An excerpt from Sweet Caroline.

“I’d have never guessed you’d be interested in clamps.”


Caroline, the object of his affection, his lust, his raging out of control hunger jumped, startled, and dropped the items in question on the ground. She bent to pick them up and when she stood straight again, she looked at him, not avoiding his eyes as he’d expected since that’s what she usually did. In this place though, the small hole in the wall adult toy store and lingerie shop, she seemed different, more sure and certain of herself. It was odd to him because most women he knew or had known, wouldn’t ever admit to being in place like this, much less admit to liking any of the store’s contents.

“There are a lot of things I’m interested in that I’m sure you wouldn’t have guessed at.”

Buck’s dick did just that. Bucked. Of all things he thought she might say, that was definitely not it, but now since that it was out there… “Really? Then by all means, Caroline, enlighten me. Show me what you’re interested in.”

For a second he thought she would decline and walk out, but she tilted her head slightly and regarded him. A blush stole through her cheeks, but she kept her head held high and nodded.

“These. I’m interested in these.”

She handed him the clamps. They looked like miniature clothespins, but he imagined they’d hurt like a bitch.

They were heavy for being so small. “What else?”

She looked down and pulled another package from the rack. “These.”

Japanese clover clamps. His favorite. Not always the favorite of others. He used them on some of his more adventurous lovers. Loved the look of them hanging from a pair of breasts, the chain being its own instrument of torture when tugged and pulled. Caroline said she was interested in them, but had she tried them? Did she know what kind of pain and pleasure she was looking at? The clamps looked harmless enough sitting in their plastic bubble packs, but taken out, put on naked, tender nipples and they became anything but harmless.

“Have you used these before? Either of these?”

The blush deepened, and that damned little tongue of hers came out to swipe at her lips.

“Yes. A long time ago. My… Derek used them on me. Before everything went south with us, we used to play with toys a lot. He liked clamps.”

Derek was her ex-husband. Divorced for four months or so, he knew Derek had gotten remarried this past Christmas to the younger than should be legal for a fifty year old man to marry girl he’d left Caroline for. Buck couldn’t begin to know how Caroline had felt or what had been going through the other man’s mind to leave her, but Derek’s dumbassness and loss was Buck’s gain. He wasn’t about to squander the gift fate had dumped in his path at the Lowe’s Home Improvement store.

“And you?”

She looked him straight in the eye, something she rarely did with him. He liked it and hoped she would do it more often. “I grew to love them and now find that I miss them.”

Holy… He held on tight to both sets of clamps. “What else?”

Caroline looked around and walked over to the back wall. Floggers, whips, and crops hung on hooks at various heights. She took her time looking from one end of the wall to the other, from floor to ceiling. As he watched her take them all in, he noticed the blush was gone.

“These, but none of these. These are toys, novelties, play things. Derek knew a guy thatwho made them, and he taught me to appreciate the handmade craftsmanship, the sting that came with something being made to specifics. He spent a lot of money on toys and instruments, but always felt it was well worth it.”

Buck nodded. He used to make his own floggers and had tried his hand at making a crop, but that wasn’t his forte. Hie knew some guys that made amazing crops and some of the most beautiful whips.

He hadn’t made anything in a long time. Hadn’t had anyone to make anything for but maybe Caroline… “In general, which of these instruments do you like?”

“In general, the crop.”

How in the hell he was going to form any further thoughts, words and sentences? She was flaying him open at every turn. Outside she was this pretty but plain woman he’d never imagined would have a river of molten lava running through her veins. “Anything else?”

She turned and walked up to the counter, standing on the opposite side from the clerk. Inside the glass case were glass dildos. Behind her, Buck hung his head and closed his eyes. He was hard before, but now with clamps and crops he was in jaw clenching pain. But there was more. There was Caroline, looking at glass cocks that would be, could be, should fucking be used inside her.

“I like these. No, that’s wrong. I love these.” She pointed to a red and purple swirled one that was about the same length and width as him at his hardest. He swallowed and it was hard to do past thatthe lump in his throat. “This is my favorite. I don’t know why, but… It’s the most realistic looking, and it’s how I imagine passion to be if it were in color.”

He had no idea what to say. Pretty much knew that words wouldn’t come out. Instead of even trying, he placed his hand on the curve of her waist where it flared out to her hip. He squeezed lightly, and she leaned back into his body. It wasn’t what he’d been expecting, but hell, nothing about her was what he’d been expecting, not from the first moment he’d met her and definitely not today. He knew she could feel his erection. There was no hiding it. No denying that he was harder than a hammer. She didn’t rub her ass against him. Didn’t press into his dick for which he was very thankful.

Then, oh fuck, then she pointed to a butt plug, and he had to count backward from a million or he was going to come in his jeans. It was a brilliant sapphire blue glass with three graduated balls that looked to be at one-inch intervals.

“I miss having a plug inside me sometimes.”

Her voice was soft, but he heard her and again, instead of being able to speak, he simply squeezed her hip.

“You want to look at one? I’ll open the case for you. You’d be surprised at how smooth they are, and if you hold them for a bit in your hand, the glass warms. My customers that buy them, rarely ever go back to the silicone ones unless they’re looking for vibrators.”

Buck looked up at the clerk whose gaze was trained on Caroline’s face. She shook her head and murmured a “no thank you” then slipped away, leaving him staring after her. She was looking through the lingerie now. The woman was going to give him a damn heart attack there in the adult store.

“I like corsets, but, not these. I like the handmade specifically for me ones ones that are handmade, specifically for me. I don’t usually buy lingerie in stores, only online lately for things other than the corsets and bustiers.” She looked and gave him a small smile that just tilted up the corners of her lips. “Do you want to see what else I like?”

He couldn’t handle seeing anything else, he really couldn’t. “Yes.”

She kissed him. With thather pretty smiling mouth, she kissed him. Over the rack of corsets she didn’t like because they weren’t made just for the curves of her body, she touched her soft lips to his and kissed him."

If I could be a quarter as good as this, I'd be happy. I also think I'm going to re read this every night. Yup. The date. *sighs and ruffles hair*!

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