Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Adult entertainment, self harm (not related) and other taboos.

I'll start with self harm first.

I could never do it; I mean just seeing a sharp pointy thing (an instrument, please) makes me get this big chill right from the end of my body to the top. But, I have on occasions wanted to. Why am I putting this in the Kinky blog? Kill me, but I think there's a part of self harm that is sexy. Which part?! The part that comes with the feeling from self harming. It seems one of the most cathartic things in the world. It's that which I find erotic. Does that mean I encourage it, that I'll say to someone wow you self harm/ed, I find you irresistible..NO it does not. But this is a blog and I'll blog, cry and say what's on my mind if I want to.

Now the worst of worsts, is there self harm porn? I'd be curious but I couldn't get off on watching it..I don't think, since I basically turn stone cold and have every part of me twinge and cringe every time I see Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary get that box out..ooohheugh! That horrid feeling again.

What do you say to someone self harming? How do you get them to stop? I'm sure irresponsible posts like mine don't help but I immediately think, God please stop. You're literally harming yourself. But then something is paining you so much..and that needs to stop too.

Whilst we are on the subject of taboos, see how ordered I am today, I was watching Friends..informal title; the one with the boob milk; and why is it disgusting? You know I once read this man sucking his wife's breasts, it was a historical novel and she said no, don't I'm pregnant, this isn't proper, referring to a little milk coming out of her when he sucked her breasts, he said he didn't care. I'm turned on just writing about it. It's not the ultimate turn on for me by far, spanking is, but it's damned human. I hate that because things don't fit into these neat little categories and are messy, they're scoffed at.

And finally Chris Johnson. I have a crush on this guy. Google him. Yup. Him. The porn star. You could say it's his face, or his body or his cock, but actually it's the way he is in porn videos. He's very attentive, let's just say but not creepily so, he's kind of confident and gives the woman some space. (There's one guy who stares right in women's eyes as he fucks and basically chokes their throat; I mean that's just too much for me..but if you're interested I can get you the details!) Porn. I love it. I'm a fan of Vivid entertainment and Wicked Pictures. But I found Chris on the hilariously titled, come on it is, Mommy's Got Boobs which is part of the Brazzers network. Because it's boob orientated, so the men pay more, a lot more, attention to their women's tits and I like that attentiveness be it on breasts, bottom or anywhere else. Plus Chris is a good snogger. (Kisser).

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