Saturday, 20 March 2010

More on Those Two.

Things could be worse, I kept telling myself. About half an hour ago, James called me. He woke me up in my sleep, my pathetic lying cheating sleep. I had the key to his room so I'd have to let him in. He apologised and I felt sick. Don't ever apologise I wanted to say.

I got ready and then I decided at 11pm why would I be wearing my jeans so I took them off and lay in his bed nude and cold. I wanted to punish myself and I wanted to feel his sheets against my pussy.

My heart beat ten times harder and faster than if I had seen my worst enemy. I wanted to go the bathroom and lock myself in there and die. But I was frozen and I couldn't lift from his bed. HIS bed. He gave me his room since we started fucking on a regular basis, sorry since we started our relationship and we did have a relationship. I confided in him over things and he talked to me too, not just about his writing but everything, even past girlfriends, he always spoke with such humour even when cursing a name. God James. He got under my skin and was deep in my blood and heart. The fucking irony was that I knew the strongest I had ever know at this point in the midst of my fear, that I loved him a lot.

I got up and looked at my scummy face in the mirror. My cheeks were flushed and I looked, actually beautiful for once. Yeah I'd look even more so once I was red in the face with telling him how sorry I was.

"James, James, I've missed you." My lover walked through our door. He kissed me and lifted me in his arms.

"You're not helping my dick being so fucking sexy and nude, baby." He murmured passionately into my ear.

"Mmm..fuck me James. Don't use a condom, I want your cock inside me."

"Oh fuck, I'm ready to burst." He kissed me again and again, taking my tongue, biting my lips, he knew I liked it rough, and possessing each cavity of my mouth with his masterful one.

"Fuck" We both moaned when he broke away. I kneeled down on the carpet ever the nude woman slaving to his needs, "My my" When I unzipped his trousers, he didn't wear his fancy boxers, his sexy arse was commando. And his cock was red and big.

I fell back on the carpet on my round bottom on purpose. "Fuck me" I opened my legs and showed him my clit clearly.

"I keep it smooth for you everyday." I was a shameless slut, getting rid off all my pubic hair to please his highness. I loved pleasing him.

"I wanna suck your tits first."

"But what about my pussy?" I couldn't help it, I actually whined.

"And what about a spank. I know that would turn you on but where would it leave me? I've been without your big juicy boobs for over a decade now. " He moaned after his exaggeration.

"Oh..Fuck, James, Fucking hell." He was so good at sucking my nipples. His lips, wide hearts were designed for my ripe brown points.

"James" I moaned again holding his beautiful wispy brown hair to my tits. He was laving them, lavishing attention on both morsels and sucking the shit out of them.

"MM I could come." I shouted.

"Don't." He said firmly. He bit my nipple sharply. Oh I felt my pussy spasm. I stopped myself like one would stop a sneeze, I fucking worked so hard in that second to not come.

"I'm going to spank YOU" I said.

"Do that and your arse will be so sore, my little slut."

I rolled over.

"What the fuck?!" He shouted.

"Fuck me dirty in the ass." I moaned.

"Fine, you want a cheap fuck, I'll give you one, I'll fuck you like you're an animal."

That turned me on like anything. I was a naughty slut, I rubbed my pussy on his carpet making sure the fibres got my juices.

I could feel his trouser material touch my legs. "Looks like lover boy pulled out all the stops for his smanshy conference." I school girl impersonated.

"Slut!" He spanked my arse so hard, it forced a weird sound out of me and we both laughed.

"Get in."..OH..

"Baby, I'm going to go wild." He croaked. Those were his final words before I felt him thrust in my anus. He didn't warm me up, he just went in slowly. And then he went out. Then my bastard thrust HARD in me. Fuck I moaned, my whole mind had stepped out of my body, my body wasn't mine, it was his. He thrust and thrust and thrust. "I'm sore" I wheezed but he didn't care. Oh FUCK this was the shit I dreamt about when he was away.

"OH..fuck..I dreamt about your arse, I dreamt I was..I was fucking you on all those tables.. O.. " His voice was strangled and he was in pain. I lifted my arse higher and we both had to lift up a little, but he was fucking me like a lion fucks his mate, my body lifting off the ground to accomodate my master and my baby's big dick. He kept thrusting rudely and I was going to leak his cum when he finished, all over my butt cheeks, right down the middle and I wish I could lick it off..

"FUCK!" He came in my anus.

There was not a part of that didn't violently "OH!" I was beyond anything, I was in love, I was in pain, I was going to die with him, I'd come back and haunt him, I would do ANYTHING. We collapsed on the ground. I felt some fingers shoved in my mouth. I looked him in the eye with him on top and me in the submissive position, on my stomach and arse off the ground, and I licked and slurped every last drop off our body liquids off his fingers.

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