Sunday, 14 March 2010

Oh baby I want you.

A banal title for a banal programme I just watched. Oh but I like it. So many laughs. Google Under Cover Princesses..and you'll also see Undercover Princes, but this gem is a programme about three women who are actually Princesses, no really, who have come to England to I don't know have some sort of life here and get paid for it. Why would you leave life as a Princess?! Okay, okay you'd do it for the freedom, for the expoloration and potential filling I'm always blabbering on about, except my blabber is genuine but I do like to mock.

So, part of me got annoyed watching this. The editing is just heinous. There's one woman, Shy Alliyah they call her, seriously I mean, she's going out, it's Shy Alliyah this, going back into the house, Anxious Alliyah..the woman is bubbly but she knows what she wants. So kudos on the labelling. Pfft! Then the cameramen or women cut to her eating something, it's so ..I feel like I'm watching a movie, a lesser Muriel's Wedding, you KNOW producer has just got their grubby paws on this woman and gone, okay I see a Muriel here, when in actual fact no two women are alike and she's got depths no one seems to be interested in.

Then there's the tall blonde. Whom funnily enough gets the camera on her bending over, or washing up and what do you know acting all bubbly! Sure, she is bubbly anyway but something tells me she too is part of a producer's game.

And then there's this woman who I just love. She's fucking A! I mean, she's non definable but again I can tell they are trying to label..oh the feisty African woman. And sometimes people go looking for stereptypes, they see racism when it's their own prejudices they are seeing but I'm telling you whilst you can expect to be surprised and definitely entertained by UnderCover Princesses, if a label shatters, it's because it was definitely put there by the producers. Know what I mean? Television fodder. We'll pick HER because..

Oh a part of me, the kinkiest part, wants to see Alliyah make out with a woman not to shock or to satisfy me or anyone else but to just I don't know shatter this programme to pieces. Fuck em and their ignoring of her and attention to tall blonde! I was getting serious Truth about Cats and Dogs vibes from this but I don't believe in Abby from that movie..and I am NOT for being defined by other people's opinions. I don't think "Noelle" is so great or Thurman that fantastic looking, because I think everyone is attractive in their own way but as we know certain looks will always get the glamour part of life. And the Ben Chaplin character..what was even his name,?!..personally I think Abby settled. Yeah I do. She had that spark..he just did not. I suppose his fans will say he underplayed and his charm was elegant and understated, but I mean I think it was too movie-ish.

I believe in something that occurs outside the prejudices I see there. That's part of why I prefer "man movies".. men aren't labelled and defined by prejudices superficially as much as women get to have more fun. I've always liked interesting people myself..regardless of who or who isn't out of my league. What a term. Telling it like it is? Yes, but only if you refuse to see outside the stereotypes. In my world anything is possible, because anything IS possible. The concept of a conversation changing your life between a woman who's a BBW and black and a man who is as thin and slender as a young boy, is a not marketed as a "boundary shattering" romance in my world, it's just humanity. It takes all types of people to run this world.

p.s. the picture is a cliche.

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