Thursday, 18 March 2010

Some people say they do not have time for pettiness

however that describing bitchiness word is spelt. I just watched some of this great movie called Gallipoli. Again, however that one is spelt. Now, I grew up in the UK so I don't know much about the history of that movie. In fact the reason I watched it was because it's directed by Peter Weir whose movies I have a lot of time for because they have a lot of time for human spirit. When you watch this movie, and go back to a STUPID poll about women "we" love and women "we" don't, you'll laugh. The first time round I thought it was incredibly bitchy. Whilst I have made it no secret which public figures I admire and which ones I don't, mostly I talk about actors since movies are my bug, (made that phrase up, it's odd as hell), I would never go and do such a list. It's like doing some sort of hitlist. And whilst I don't admire certain people and have a slight problem with their PERSONA, I know shit about them and would never say they deserve a marriage break up. Speaking of which, nice to know sisterhood is so wonderful that when David Beckham cheated on Victoria, allegedly, some women made her public enemy and he gets off as the charming wondering eye rogue. Bullshit. And now Kate Winslet..I think if her husband says one woman is not enough for him in this life, then the man is neurotic as a husband. What a sad, horrible thing to have to hear from someone you've had something with and may still love strongly.

Gallipoli is about brotherhood. Two men sticking it out going through HELL. It's movies like that which make me even more alienated from the world surrounding me, they're these superifical snobs and I'm this person they can't leave alone but who loves humanity whilst having been abused by so called humans. Life's fucking strange.

I also read a great story. It's up on The Long and Short of It Reviews and it's by Victoria Blisse. Excerpt from It Can Be Done by Victoria Blisse. "“You don’t need to take off all your clothes,” he replied with a wink. “In fact, you don’t have to take off any of your clothes.”

“Oh, come off it,” Debbie laughed. “You can’t fuck me through all these layers.”

“I bet you I can. I’ll do the dishes for a week if I can’t.”

Debbie thought for a moment and decided it was a win-win situation. “All right then, super stud, I’ll take that bet. Show me what you’ve got.”

His lips met hers and as they kissed he pushed her back until she hit a tree. She gasped, but he only continued to kiss her and press his body hard into hers. He certainly had proved her could turn her on through all those layers; her body zinged with lust as she glanced left and right to make sure they weren’t being watched.

“Turn around,” he whispered in her ear, “hold on to the tree and stick out your arse for me, sweetheart.” "

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