Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sex, it's okay if it's an innuendo otherwise it makes people blush.

There's no reason I want this waste of space "article" taking up my blog except it illustrates my belief perfectly. This woman who basically wears far too much makeup on television and yes I think you shouldn't have to tart yourself up if you're reading Sports news and you can look a little reputable as well lively, well anyway she has been reprimanded by Sky for posting racy tweets.

I love the title of this "article", "blonde presenter." That again goes to show how women with blonde hair are more objectified. I'm not defending these women because actually I think some of them once they dye their hair, act a certain away and they get their way by using their "feminity" and manipulation and further adding to sexism is not my way of living of life and I will always be strong minded about that. It's called an opinion, not jealousy, but an opinion.

So anyway, most of the comments who are by people who mostly have the most prejudiced beliefs in the world, say it's censorship and mad. Well actually I think she stepped over the line. Some of her tweets, "(Rory) Delap is using a towel to mop up some of the wet ready for those long thrusting balls into the box.’

Another said: ‘Golf today. Played with three boys. I came first, must have been down to good length.’

One posted earlier this year stated: ‘The sign on the ticket machine "

Sure that's funny but I wouldn't put that on a public networking site without thinking for a second that it may harm my job especially one which is so public. So I think firstly the woman is courting controversy..and it would not surprise me if she wanted some sort of mens magazine deal. I say that because that has happened in the past on numerous occasions.

I don't think it's okay to be posing and be provacative and not expect consequences. By the way I'm not talking about rape..there is NO excuse for a man not being able to control sticking his dick in a woman if she says no, no matter "how late" she says it.

So my belief is there are too many jokes about sex. It's funny but isn't it easier for people to joke about it than actually talk about it in this culture? We can show a woman pushing her boobs as if ready for sex straight away but don't show her nipples. We have to rate movies if they show one sex act but they can show shooting under a certificate 15. And in England, there's a post card type humour, a Carry On movies type oh she showed her boobs chortle,!, about sex.

The whole cliche of a tanned, slim blonde posing also shows a backward nature towards sex. It has to be handed out on a plate, obvious, no mystery, no sensuality, as if people are no longer in touch with their sensuality and sexuality is cheapened. Which they may like or not care about, but I do. I write Erotica, I'm a woman who wants her needs and fantasies met by multiple people who are worth it and seeing this behaviour puts me off sex. It doesn't make ME feel worthless but I should imagine growing up in this kind of culture and society makes girls want to objectify and cheapen themselves in order to have sex and I wonder if they really know what it is, means, the different - for want of a better word at the moment- types of sex and what it can be, and how every human being should be in touch with themselves and acknowledge all parts of themselves and do something about that in a humane way and this includes sexual nature.

Like I posted once before, we can pose, we can have Pussy Cat Dolls, stripping on MTV, but how many people have had an orgasm, how many people fake?? How many people think it's THEIR fault? You know? We need to be more honest and less of this bullshit please.

I also see a difference in going after what you want and being forward without compromising yourself and without playing to the man, but of course that is labelled aggresive in a woman.

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