Thursday, 25 March 2010

Shoot it up, shoot it up, shoot it up.


This picture kept me awake. It's incredibly erotic. I love how they capture that shot.

I imagine that woman is me, her hair shorter, thicker, her face smaller, but like her my breasts are ripe by that point and my incredibly responsive nipples and stretched out tongue get every last drop of that cum. What would be even better is licking that cum off my nipples with my tongue. My lover has come back from his run, his athletic and strong legs and thighs have a bursting cock in between them. He doesn't expect I'll be at home. But he finds me lying on his bed naked and masturbating. He rips his shorts off, then follows the tshirt. In between my moans and and fondling my tits, I see his sexy body climb on the bed. He doesn't say a word but he pinches my nipples HARD. I'm so ready but the look in his eyes tells me I'd better not come. His hand strokes his cock. And my eyes sweep darkly over his length and his face. He looks animalistic, then he does it again, strokes his cock. He's the ultimate primal being stroking his cock, watching me as I masturbate and through hooded eyes I watch him, sometimes his eyes and sometimes his cock. At this moment, I couldn't care about his chest or whatever. He keeps stroking himself and I can see his penis is moist. Then he comes all over me.

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