Monday, 29 March 2010

Presented as the best text book ever..and what's inside does not disappoint.

There's a fan page on facebook. It's called wolverines are better than vampires, I'm joking, it's called The Kinky Punishment Ebook and it continually teases me by leaving little updates like "A ruler. That's what it is. We were playing around with it the other night and I may have used it a bit too hard. This is part revenge I guess. Think I am about to get some more if I go up to bed now." *envy*!/pages/The-Kinky-Punishment-EBook-Spanking-Fun-Guaranteed/10073726077?ref=ts

I went on the website to buy the book. Buying this book is going to make me do something stupid though. I should perhaps incorporate the inspiration I get from this naughty little book into an innocent story I am well into about a young man and a young woman both attending some sort of boarding school, I have already started to explore their little characters, the things that annoy the other person about the other person, their arguments, their clashes, their bond.

Did you just read that?

Knowing myself more and knowing what turns me on and that feeling that jolt or rush, makes me less inclined to see me through other people's eyes ..I don't care about my weirdness or my inability to be like everyone else or the fact I'm hidden in a way, it's all a part of me and I should never be ashamed of myself.

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