Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My story.

It was a cold and dark night in November and I remember being very tired. I was sitting on some steps outside shivering, waiting for my ride. I decided to come along to this boring do. I sure as hell wasn't in it for the food. I must have been insane. My girl friend decided to stay behind with her boyfriend. She asked me if I minded, I mean I wasn't going to say no, was I.

After three hours he still looked miserable as fuck and I guess she wanted to cheer the bastard up. Me..I would have throw my drink in his face and told him to cheer himself up. In my dreams I would have.

I don't know, I guess I just didn't like pouty behaviour in men. The mind wanted the cliche..strong, safe, sexy and reliable. But I knew that didn't exist.

As I was wrapped in my thoughts looking inside every vehicle that stopped in front of the stairs, I looked up to see the guy I had been staring at earlier. He could be described as nerdy, geeky, whatever. He wore glasses, had mousy brown hair and was the only man at a function wearing a pullover. His tall form was stiff and he squinted his eyes. He was doing that now too. And I fancied him like crazy.

In my mind he had taken my body in the most primal of ways. After I had coaxed him, he was in touch with his sexiness and as his reward I sucked his cock and licked his balls as he jerked from the bed in sexual agony. I imagined licking his chest, he had hair there, he wasn't someone who spent hours in front of the mirror, he let the hair grow there and it was wiry and coarse. He made low groans, my sexy, clever lover...

I can't believe how much I stared at him. I knew my overactive imagination was a product of basically wanting to be fucked. Finally, fucked properly. I would tell him what to do, if he didn't know, we'd test each other, play around, see what turned us on, we'd do it together. I got that from him..the fact I wanted to do it with him.

And now, he was squinting ahead and I just drooled like a dark haired bimbo. I'd make him an offer. I didn't need to be wooed or chatted up, I'd talk to him and throw some words around, be casual and if there was something there between us and it wasn't just his shyness that stopped him from going further with me, and he would be shy I knew it, I'd pursue him and get him into my bed, his awkwardness and mine only making our crazy lust and intense passion sexier and more erotic and titillating.

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