Wednesday, 24 March 2010

So when I read this book, I happened to actually agree with the Erotica hero for once

That's a slight exaggeration but just a slight one.

He was talking about not using fancy equipment in BDSM, crops, whips, all these superfical parts of the power play to get you off, rather for him it was so much about the mind. His power play involved mind control. I don't believe in any one rule and I think if one person wants to have say tomatoes thrown at them, silly as that is, let them. So if they want the fancy equipment, that's okay with me even if it means they are backwards, unless it's straining "our relationship."

I also don't believe in evolving for the sake of it or discovering the meaning of life. For me evolving is necessary because it beats intolerance and prejudice. I have a headache most days from my own first hand experience of this, so for me it's important some changes are made. The meaning of life? I have a great interest in philsophy, in reading and listening to it. But that's it. I just want to live.

So whilst I love looking at really sharp pointy shoes with really sharp pointy heels, I also love looking at cute shoes. My point, sex isn't just about a superifical gratification to me, it's in the mind, it's a build up, a slowburn, it's always there, it's part of my body and my mind,it's a part of me.

I initially just wanted to post a few picture of this outfit I have. I'm not going all fashion-y, (if you hate fashion blogs and fashion in general, I get you, it annoys me too) but once in a while I do like having an outfit or a nice pair of shoes. It's superficial as hell and it doesn't make me happy but it's just nice and I feel like I am being treated. But as I was looking for pictures of what I bought and what I want, I saw the sharp pointy shoes with the sharp pointy heels. I feel no regret not buying them instead, I could train myself to walk in them so practicality is not the issue. Fuck me shoes to me can sometimes tell a story but my opinion is they are overrated plus there's something about them which is kind of a turn off.

So the pictures I have posted, one is this great dress. I bought the silver and grey version of that blue one which looks a bit lighter but evening-y and the stones are silver and so lifting, they even lift the grey coat that goes with it, I can appreciate the designer's hardwork and attention to detail on this one. The great thing about my dress is I can wear it with these black peep toe shoes posted lifted with some fishnet tights or another less full on pattern and a nice toe nail polish..or I can wear the dress with light grey tights and the patent flowery flats if I'm walking outside. I'm keeping my look elegant like my dress and not going for the fake tan and strappy, strappy shoes. The result I have confidence due to the design of the shoes and dress, will be beautiful.

When I get enough money I'm investing in these sandals posted- my ideal is the pure tan one which looks divine, I know people say shoes like this are ugly but they actually have surprised me when I wear them all that edgy detail and fuss looks good. And if the heel is not too low on the classic metallic ones, I'll see if availability makes them mine. Good times? Nah just nice, pretty ones. Good riddance Winter, Spring and Summer are here at last and my feet are out!

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