Thursday, 11 March 2010

Rude Awakening.

Well I read it.

Samhain definitely is all about the story. It was an erotic book. The emphasis being on the heroine getting herself back after losing her husband and discovering her sexuality. The hero works for the FBI..oh HOT..and he was different to how I imagined. Because throw in FBI and I have a very specific image in my mind..So he's this Native American, pierced nipple hunk. She describes him as an Apache warrior with his movement and grace and strength. One bit in particular when he runs towards her, I loved. (Running is good, running is good..)The book definitely promised some great breast play but there wasn't much detail on that which I won't say is disappointing as I can use my imagination and don't need it spelled out to me..and of course she's just discovering her sexuality and they're playin with the carmel and back door loving (ass sex to be blunt) so there'll be plenty of time for titty fucking and making her come just from having her nipples the heroine says.

What disappointed me slightly was the slap and tickle. In that Lucas the hero spanks Jaimee (beautiful name and I LOVE that he calls her James as a nickname) but he doesn't use his belt..he says he's not a sadist. Oh well *sigh* I guess I just like it for the erotica to go through the roof. BUT one of the great things about this book is the journey I was on with the heroine. She asks herself, is she the kind of girl that likes her ass spanked? So, there's a lot of discovery here. And as a hero, he is very impressive, giving and patient but sexy and with character. He definetely wasn't a vehicle for her or anything like that.

Now Jamiee had blue eyes and they were of course wide and expressive. Because you can't have a description of eyes without including wide and expressive. (HELL you can not!) So whilst the book did not fullfill my seedy, selfish need, it did make me glad I bought a story about a woman getting her confidence back and getting to know herself sexually. It's so sad when the author writes about Jaimee with her former husband. What kind of husband was he. What kind of marriage was this.

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