Monday, 8 March 2010

I scoff in the face of cheerleaders.

Perhaps this could be a new title for a book..not a book..some kind of story I could work on. It's pretty much my motto for my heroines. I want them a specific way; very human. They don't and won't have tumbling waves of raven hair with forest green eyes that hold all the secrets to earth..because actually I don't know anyone like that. It normally requires equipment to get the tumbling waves and even Aishwarya Rai, a famous Indian beauty, needs lighting amongst other things to make her pale eyes a trademark or distinguishing. Eyes are tools as it is, they can be too close together or too wide apart, one eye bigger than the other, one lid lazier than the other, the colour amongst first meeting pretty but not Disney magical spell enchanting and so my stories won't contain any myths. I believe in starting somewhere, in falling in love with humans and not dolls. I don't believe in plastic surgery, or the emphasis on youth or trophy wives. This all exists but I'm doing it on purpose to make sure that never gets incoporated in my stories. How can I expect to write about raw lust and sex and love for life, whether it's the rest of their lives or less, when there is so much focus on enhanced appearance? I can't enjoy a book where the hero pursues the heroine for her wide set eyes and pixie like face and feisty attitude; she is just a cariacture. It's cliche and I can't buy into that. That's not part of what makes a woman feminine; it's her soul, her heart, the so called flaws but what I consider qualities to her appearance; say breasts that point down and a bottom with cellulite. As well as all the other little miscellaneous things that you can't explain but can drive someone to obsession. And the unthinkable happens, men fall in love with such human women all the time!

Then you have males..muscley males. Part of what defines a man is his masculinity and there's something sexy about hard meets soft; a hard man meeting a soft woman. It is erotic. But I do draw the line at bulging muscles..that requires equipment and again it's enhanced beauty and that as I have explained is something I will not be writing about. Part of sexiness in a man is again the so called flaws, the crooked tooth, the hair that's a little disarrayed, not carefully dishevelled, an awkward laugh, their strength and thinking. So many men nowadays waste time on things which may turn women on but whenever I see their little beanie hats or whatever placed to "cover a bad hair day" oh so carefully on their head and t shirts fitted and the wors..fake tan on a man, it's a total turn off because it's too much, not in the sense it's threatening though you know they are very into appearance as a value but it's just not sexy in that human, natural way.

I scoff at the world we live in, a perfectionist society, prejudices on height, weight and just about everything. Once upon a time talking about this was called an opinion, a belief, now should you dare to raise it in a discussion and not be insulting, you are called jealous. But isn't it the people who are the most competitive and perfectionist who use that word the most?

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