Saturday, 13 March 2010

I want it all.

Now let me say that again. I want it all. Let me explain. I want it all.

To go after what is in my heart is my all. And I am inspired by a great book trailer.

I have words in my mind, like "I'm asking you to be my Dom." I have overcoming preconcieved notions in my mind. I have been well and truly inspired. I am getting closer and closer to what I want and I intend to put that in a story.

I am inspired also by the movie director Jane Campion. And Kathryn Bigelow's work ethic and spirit make me enthusiastic when I thought I could not be. I don't want to win an Oscar, I want to be insanely happy. I want to make my mark and say no woman should be limited and every woman can create something that will make her mark on the world. Jane Campion, I feel says that in her movies; don't underestimate me. I want it all, as a woman, as a human living and breathing on this planet, these sides of me interact and co exist and as a soul, I won't give up.

Something inside has clicked.

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