Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ah WOW. The Aftershock anthology.

It's available to buy from Changeling Press and all royalties go to the Worldwide Disaster Relief.

This one in particular caught my eye,

"Special Training by Selena Illyria -- Some spanking and a bit of sex is what Michelle needs to get her magikal focus back, and off of her sexy vampire mentor."

A very hot excerpt from a very hot story,

"“I’m masturbating, you moron, or are you blind?”

He pulled her close. Mistake. Her body heat pressed against him. The scent of her desire only increased. His fangs ached to descend. She smelled so fresh, so clean and tempting. Hunger burned in his stomach. He had to resist dropping to his knees, spreading her legs and eating her until she came all over his mouth.

With a growl, he pulled her from under the shower, dragging her with him around the house. She protested the whole way, screaming about abuse, how his hand was holding her too tightly. Once at the front door, he came to a stop. She crashed into him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Michelle demanded. “Wait -- is it your vampire time of the month? Are you fang-pmsing?”

“You want to do this out here, fine.” He pulled her over to a chair, sat down and dragged her onto his lap. She fell across his thighs with a soft oomph.

“Viktor --”

“Do you know what bad girls get when they misbehave?”

He caressed the upturned cheeks of her ass one at a time. I’m torturing us both. The thought slipped across his mind before he landed the first blow. She cried out before moaning. The musk of her arousal increased with each slap of his hand. His cock twitched, trapped against her hip. He silently cursed deciding to strip out of his Speedo before going to the shower.
He’d thought Michelle had gone inside. Once around the corner of the house he’d seen he was wrong, but he couldn’t stop himself from going to her, watching her for a bit before interrupting. He hadn’t wanted her coming in the shower with the water washing away her cream. She was going to come on his cock, on his mouth, on his fingers, any way he could get her. This desire between them would finally be fed so that she could concentrate on her task: defending the world.

He continued to spank her, caressing her overheated flesh after each slap. She moaned and squirmed against him, tormenting his cock with each brush of her soft flesh.

“Bad girls get spanked. They get punished until they know their place. Tell me, what were you supposed to be doing before you started masturbating, hmm?” He spread her legs as best he could and slipped one hand between her thighs. “Jesus, you’re dripping.”

He rocked his hand against her slippery sex. The very feel of it against his palm tore a moan from him. Unable to resist, he slipped first one finger then a second and last a third into her clenching wet heat.

“Hold onto the chair legs,” he ordered as he finger fucked her.

Viktor took his time pumping his fingers slowly while caressing her buttocks. Her breasts pressed against his thighs, her nipples digging into hot flesh. He wanted to feel those tight nubs dragging against his chest as he fucked her hard. Another groan fell from his lips as she wriggled against him.

“What were you supposed to be doing instead of masturbating?” he demanded.

“Don’t know, don’t care, fuck me harder,” she moaned. Her vaginal muscles tightened around his fingers.

“Wrong answer.” He slapped her hard on the back of her thigh. She cried out as he pulled his fingers from her dripping heat. Victor didn’t resist. He licked her cream off of his digits. “Delicious. If you tell me what you were supposed to be doing, I’ll let you come.”

She snorted on his lap. “I can finish myself off, thank you.”

Michelle tried to get off his lap. He rewarded her with a hard slap on her ass cheek.
“Such a smart mouth. Perhaps I should stuff it with something.” He slid two fingers into her moist heat. Viktor ran them around her vaginal walls, feeling the delicate tissue ripple against his skin.

“You even try it --”

Viktor muttered a few words, cutting off Michelle’s retort as a ball gag appeared. He smiled. “I’ll release it once you learn to behave.” He parted her ass cheeks to tease her puckered anus. “Maybe I should take you here, hmm? If I promise to fuck your ass, will you agree to do as you’re told?”

He flicked her clit with his thumb. She groaned and writhed on his lap. Viktor muttered a few more words and the ball gag disappeared.

“Bite me. I’ve had better than you. I bet you’re not even hard.”

He narrowed his eyes. His pride pricked, he almost stood up and dropped her to the ground. His temper flared and he felt the tattoo on his back heating. Calm down, she’s baiting you. Deep even breaths. Viktor stilled, closed his eyes and concentrated on taking air into his lungs and blowing it out..."

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