Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sexy at the movies.

So I'm watching The Way We Were. I don't find this movie sexy. It's powerful and sad and that's thanks to the chemistry and relationship between Redford's character and the inimitable Barbara Streisand (I'm a fan).

And Robert Redford..I'm the only woman in the world who just finds him too..blonde. Didn't he originally have red hair? Or was this a joke as opposed a "rumour?" Leave it to me to ponder the important questions. But the guy has more than enough charisma that he could have been the first red haired male star. I mean in Indecent Proposal he made Woody Harrelson come off as a damp squid. And that guy is larger than life. Okay Harrelson's character was such a wussy type anyway.

Anyhow, whilst watching Indecent..no I mean The Way We Were, I got a rude awakening. I switched channels and saw Harrison Ford yelling at the American President in Clear And President Danger. OH MY. I never dug him before, but he is SO HOT. Giggle giggle shut up shut up.

Pity he isn't naked in that movie all the time.

And that crooked lip thing when he's angry or smiling...

But he should take that earring out.

So let me do a top 5 sexy movie list. Why not?

1. Training Day. *sigh*

2. Kiss The Girls. Ashley Judd plays some bad ass good ass and I'm a very weird and disturbing person because the violent scene between her and Cary Elwes..now it's not so much what he's doing to her and what he's saying, girl is covered in blood thanks to him- I hate blood- and he's trying to rape and abuse her..that's not what is erotic to me.

It's just the high tension. I have a thing for movies with mentally and physically fit females in mostly male environments using their physical and mental excellence..Clarice Sterling, Dana Scully.

Lara Croft- NO WAY. (And even Angelina Jolie in that movie she was in with Ethan Hawke and they had wild passionate wordless sex..God he's hot..NO WAY).

Kiss The Girls - best watched last thing at night before you slip completely naked under the quilt.

3. French Kiss. Kevin Kline with I thought a terrible french accent (you probably loved it , didn't you.. He probably won awards for it, didn't he)..but he plays such a different character to that piece of shit Meg Ryan is going out with in that movie.

Oh My God her piece of shit boyfriend is exactly what's wrong with the world. Along with paedophiles. Rapists. Bombers. Pscychopaths. OKAY but vomit piece of shit boyfriend is so typical!

And Luc Kline's French guy just does not care. But he's got a sense of humour and drives very badly. Oh he's just one of the best romantic comedy guys ever. If not THE best.

4. Legends of The Fall. Brad Pitt's hair. And when he makes love to Julia Ormond.

5. Dead Poets Society. Boys. In Uniform. Okay don't call the police. Said boys are over 16. They act like they are. They look like they are. And I have a thing for Robert Sean Leonard as the doomed, intense but cute in personality too Neil Perry. And Todd Anderson. That's one sandwich I'd like to try. "Oh my!"

6. Please? Basic Instinct. Oh I barely lasted that movie. *smile*

And yes I saw Secretary..and it was so romantic. I love that movie.

An excerpt my friends from Unleashed. Unapologetic sexy scene.

(Copyright © 2009 Saskia WalkerAll rights reserved — a eXcessica Publishing publication)

Molly stared at the pen in his hand, immediately aroused and self-aware. The key to her kink was right there in his hand. She liked to be written on-in fact it aroused her to the point where she could come from that act alone. This was the time to show him, then she could see how he would react.

She took a deep breath. “Tell you what…” Her voice sounded shaky, and she hated that. She didn’t want this to go wrong. She wanted him. Badly. “Why don’t you give me your number? It’ll be better that way. Really, I promise.”Before he could question her, or show doubt about why she’d said that, she shoved her forearm out across the counter between them, pulling up the sleeve of her top. She ran her finger up and down the soft, sensitive skin on the inside of her forearm. “Write it…here. Please.”

Would he laugh at her? One corner of his mouth was still lifted and stayed that way. He toyed with the pen, his eyes assessing. Her breath was trapped in her throat. A moment later he slowly moved one hand and held her wrist down on the counter with it, while he began to write on the spot she had indicated with the other.His hand around her wrist was warm and strong, sure. And then-oh. The pressure he applied through the ballpoint on her skin made her nerves leap, the sensation chasing itself up her arm and through her body, flooding her with arousal. She bit her lip.He looked up from the place he was writing and back at her. She could tell he’d sensed this wasn’t just about exchanging numbers.

A needy moan escaped her lips.He stared; one eyebrow lifted, the pen, also. “Did I hurt you?”“No.” She could barely get that one small word out, and when she did, it was with a breathless, relieved sigh. “I like it.” She shrugged. “It makes me really hot. I’m wired weird. I just wanted you to know. Up front.”She snatched her arm away, bracing herself for the disbelieving laughter, the snide remark. Tension hung in the air between them, seemingly endless. Then he looked down at the countertop. What was he thinking?He glanced up.

“Kinky girl, huh?”She stared him directly in the eye, her heart beating fast as she braced herself for rejection. “Does it bother you?”“Quite the opposite,” he replied, and flashed her a grin. “If I know what turns you on, it gives me power… and it just so happens I like to be in charge.”Oh, that made her hot.

It was so far from what she had expected him to say, so direct. And then he moved. In a heartbeat, he levered himself over the counter, jumping lithely down onto her side of it. For the first time, he had breached the physical divide between them-and he’d brought the pen with him. Holding it raised in his hand, he put his free hand on her shoulder and walked her through the rails of plastic-covered clothes, backing her toward the wall behind those rails, out of sight of the shop front. He cornered her up against the wall.Her body pulsed with the thrill of his actions.He grasped her two hands easily in one of his, and lifted her chin with the pen under her jaw, an action that shot sensation down her neck and chest, right into her hardening nipples. She gasped for breath, her eyes closing and her head moving back to lean against the wall.“Oh yes, it really does it for you, doesn’t it. How bad is it?”He still had of the pen under her jaw, controlling the position of her head and where she could look. Could she tell him? Her eyes were shut and she kept them that way.

“I need it.” Her voice was a mere murmur. “It’s crazy, but I can’t come any other way, not the way I do if…”When her voice trailed off, he moved the pen just enough to apply pressure to the sensitive flesh beneath her jaw. Her eyes flashed open.“Is this making you wet?”“Yes.”

And a link to Pink Buttercream Frosting by Lissa Matthews. Because I read two sexy books today. http://www.mybookstoreandmore.com/shop/product.da/pink-buttercream-frosting

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