Friday, 16 October 2009

More on the sequel to Slowburn.

Mmmm she loved kissing him. She moaned against his lips as he took her bottom lip and sucked it between his two. He was the best kisser. Of course she didn’t have much to compare against but then he would be the best kisser. It was in his nature to be the best at everything.

“Do you have to go?” He breathed out.

“No” She chuckled. He nipped at her lips.


“Oh” Both Mel and Mike said this the same time as a man entered the room. He was dressed in the same uniform as Mike, Mel just burst out with “Hi.” He looked Mel over who was now standing. She waited for him to say something back but he continued as if she wasn‘t there..

“So Michael..”

Erm..Eric, this is my girlfriend Melanie.” Michael was now looking more than a little authoritative on his chair. He reached for Mel’s hand. She gave it to him half because she wanted the ground to open up. She was fairly sure her clothes were a mess in her haste to literally pull them over her.And possibly the shortest smile in history was given in the way of Mel from this Eric guy.

“Mel, this is Eric Leonard my colleague.”

Mel bit her lip in order to stop saying hi again. It was clear she wasn’t going anywhere with that.

“So I better go.” She whispered to Mike.

“Okay love.” He said to her. Then he kissed her. She couldn’t help it, she turned her face a little and saw Eric make a little motion with his lips.

“Bye” She whispered to Mike.She felt his eyes on her as she went from the room. Unfortunately she felt Eric’s too..but she was used to things enough to know what exactly his look was.

“You like her?”

“I’m going out with her.” Mike responded.

“What’s your problem?” He continued.

Eric made a noise.

“Seriously Eric if you have a problem I’d like to know.”

“Look mate you like her, I’m not going to interfere.”

Of course he “LIKED” her. Mel wanted to burst into that room and ask Eric himself what the problem was ..what EXACTLY the problem was but she needed to get out before she embarrassed herself further. She couldn’t stop the tears from falling as she listened to this part of the conversation from the outside.

She felt bad all throughout the morning. She was at the library but couldn’t focus on what she was there for. She just kept wanting have Mike’s arms around her. She needed his love and protection at this moment.

“What didd you say to him after that?” She stuttered but she was so upset now.

“Mel?”Mike saw her on the floor with empty beer cans around her. “You drank all this?”

After work she turned into an idiot and purchased all this beer on an impulse.

“I was going insane.”

“Oh Melanie..“Mike leaned down.

She leaned against his chest. “Tell me what you said”

“I don’t remember. All I remember is wanting to punch him.”

“Do you think I’m an embarassment? I mean..obviously I am..” She laughed “but at work.. I should never come to your work.”

“I hate that idea.” He whispered.

She stroked his arm. Lifting her head, she looked at him, feeling dizzy and eyes burning “Maybe..we should break up?”

“No.” he shook his head. His face looked stormy. “Don’t let some idiot do this to you.”

“Its not just him.” She blurted out in a rush. And then watched Mike watch her cry.

“Then they’re all idiots. You’re the most perfect, beautiful woman I know. You have to believe it and ignore everyone else.”

She took a breath to blurt out, “I cant be pitiful.”

“Mel he hurt you I can tell. I’m going to carry you to bed and I want you to forget today. He’s a jerk.”

“But its true..why can’t I just be normal?”

“Why cant HE just be normal?"

“I wish this pain would stop.. I thought drinking this bullshit would stop it.” Her voice croaked, just speaking hurt her.

“You hate this stuff..” He said.

Mel thought his grey eyes were the window to his soul. She had known him for less than a month. It would mean more to her than anything else in her life.

In the morning she felt she was going to die. Her head....”Hey..” Mike handed her a drink. Ugh. Did even sleep with her last night? “This is wild” She choked out almost choking out the “drink” she referred to.

“Drink it all.” He mock ordered. But he would probably check she had.

“I’m sorry .“ She said after finishing off the vile crap. “For last night.”

“You were hurt.” As if that excused her she thought.

"I still am. I want to do something about this."

“What did you want to do?" He put the cup on the bedside drawer.

“Get help.”

“Mel..” He kissed her, “You have to remember in all of this..that you havent done anything wrong.”

“I know “She leaned her forehead against his.

“I love you..that’s another thing you should remember.”

She smiled.

“Will it be kept secret?”

“What?" He asked.

"My going for counselling."

“How do you mean?"

"You wont tell Eric?"

"That bastard is not going to know bullshit never mind the most intimate details of our lives. Michael said strongly. "You think I would tell him?"

"No..but maybe in an argument..don’t argue over me. I'm not worth it. "There she said it.

“The hell you arent." Michael got up. "I realise these idiots have done something to your thinking but by God if you ever say that again…"

"Oh you're angry. I love seeing it when you passionately defend me."

"Don’t joke now!"

She laughed.

"Goddamit Mel!"

"I'm sorry.."

He looked at her as if trying to wonder if it had been a joke or if she believed she wasn’t worth it. Then she thought of the phrase actions speak louder than words. She was in his arms again. This time, he lightly pressed onto her body embracing her as she lay on the bed with him on top.

"I remember the first time I saw you." She frowned...because in some ways she didn't want this to happen. "I knew you'd be remarkable."

"It was probably my uniform"

"No" She smiled. "It was your face. Just something about you. I wasn't sure. I was so tired at the time. Working at college and then coming home to work..but I kept thinking about you all day." She whispered and it didn't help to stare at his lips.

He kissed her.

"Wait.." She said. He did. "You know when you have a crush on someone?"

He looked at her, didn't say anything. "Well.."She continued.."This isn't a crush. I sort of had this thing that being around you would be all I need. I think I'm the luckiest girl to have ever lived just for that."

The kiss he gave set her body alight. Every nerve responded. Every part of her was erect.

"I'm not using a condom this time."

A little of her went wild. He was firm. Possessesive.

"Do I get a choice?" She couldn't help but smile.

"Yes. You always do."

"You know I couldn't ask you to stay away."

"If you did, I would."

"You'd lose it." They both know what she meant. His control was amazing and watching him lose it would be too.

"I remember how you tempted me on our first date."

She blushed. It was perhaps more the fact that he remembered their first date. No, it was more the fact the he couldn't control himself when he saw her breasts.

"But before that, I wanted to just kiss you the office. No more. For me, I had to make sure."

"Then when you answered the door, I felt protective. Then at the restaurant..pure lust."

"Make sure. Protective. Pure Lust. In that order?"

"I've actually thought about it." He nodded in agreement to her question.

"I fantasised you were screwing me in front of the whole school."

He raised his eyebrow as a wow.

"That was the night I first met you." She continued. "I dreamt about sex and then I imagined it was all you. Everything else was secondary to you."

"No wonder you blushed so hotly when I saw you in the morning. Do you remember?" He asked.
"I can only remember being incredibly aroused when I saw you. I wouldn't be surprised if I blushed."

"Mel" He took her lips, "I have to be in you."

She moaned.

"It's not that I can't wait for this talking" He continued softly and hoarsely, "I just have to fuck my woman."

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