Friday, 23 October 2009

Not every story continued..

He remembered the way she responded to his hands on her round bottom. The way she leaned into his palm more and more as he spanked each cheek. The way her skin would redden. It made him want to lick each part. He was overwhelmed with the protectiveness he felt for her. When he came inside her asshole, he stroked his hand over the bottom of her belly because even he didn't have the strength at this moment to pick her up in his arms where she belonged. Where she belonged? What was this possessive shit running through him? So she let him spank her. Why did that mean he loved her? She looked at him with her deep brown eyes and touched his spent cock. He remembered the way it hardened again. Why was he always hard around her? What was she doing to him?

"No baby .." He whispered but she had her mouth on him already. She was sucking his cock and his head fell back. She had become really good at this.

She made a noise and looked at him. He shook his head. Nevermind. But he was proud of her. No woman had ever touch him the way Tallie Rosseau did. Not even his first wife.

The door opened and she looked straight into his eyes. I can't do this, Tallie thought. She wanted to close the door and go back into the room. It wasn't necessary to have dinner at the cafeteria..she could just take something into her room. Like she had done the last few weeks.

Then, she just closed the door behind her anyway and tried not to stumble onto him. He looked ..the way he always had done. She had suffered the impact of the last bomb and was left with scars on her body and face. He wasn't. But he had suffered with her. She just wouldn't let him in. She couldn't. A part of her had shut down and Ry was not much of a talker. He just kept holding her hand never letting it go she remembered in the hospital. He kept looking into her eyes, searching, waiting for her to speak. She hadn't spoken one word to him since that bomb exploded near them. She remembered the way he tried to shield, the way he almost picked her up when she couldn't run as fast as him.

As she walked past him, she thought, her hero.

"Rosseau are you going to talk to me?"

Damn it she was right in front of him. Looking away not meeting his gaze but he invaded her personal space.

"It's Rosseau now?" He almost smiled when he heard her voice. It was the first time she had spoken to him since those bastards had..

"Tallie" He cleared his voice. "Tallie," He took her hand. She flinched.

She was scared of him? She was still not meeting his gaze, he wanted to touch her chin, look at me he would say, damn it why wasn't he blessed with words? He couldn't ever be a smooth talker but he would try and gentle himself for her.

"I need you." He whispered as she half ran away.

"What'll you have M'am?" The bartender asked Tallie as she tried to sit on the high seat. At least the pain in her body had gone down.

"I don't want anything." She met the bartender's gaze. I just want to sit here, she thought. "Just the food menu" She said quietly. He brought it to her.

She knew she had some sort of a reputation now. Things had changed from her day as the quiet studious computer analyst. She was now the Private who got injured in the war. The one who was discovered naked with her Captain not short before.


She ignored the people around her and read the menu. She would order something different tonight.

"Look who it is."

"Oh hey Ben." Ben was one of her friends from their old days training together. He looked exactly like all the men here in their uniforms, except he had the kindest face.

"I took your advice Tallie."

"What happened?" Tallie smiled. Ben had wrote this woman he had been seeing at his parent's home. He was an articulate young man and she was happy to be in his company again.


"So, I'm sorry for what you went through."

"Hey" Tallie shrugged

"I"d be giving you all the medals. You're my hero."

She laughed.

"I'm serious. To come back after that." He shook his head. "You've got inner strength, that's counts more than us" He motioned to his uniform.

"We're all here to serve a purpose. You too Ben. Sometimes you never know how much something affects someone."

He placed his hand over hers. She did almost pull away. But this was Ben. She looked into his eyes the first person she had properly interacted with since the war; she didn't feel skittish at all right now.

"I..just .."She sighed.

"It's okay Tallie. " He stroked her arm in a friendly way. Please don't cry he thought. "'s ..come on, it's okay" She cried and after his initial nervousness, he took her into his arms.


It was only after the red had gone from in front of his face could Ry find the words again. "Your. Arms. Away."

"Captain, I swear.." The young man looked nervous but Ry almost handed it to him, he didn't flee away.

"He wasn't doing anything, man I saw." The bartender looked at Ry as though he thought Ry the monster may punch him.

He swallowed. He wanted to get out of here as soon as possible and take Tallie with him.

He looked at Ben console Tallie, she was no longer in his embrace and Ry saw the tears on her face. Had he added to them? He watched how much care Ben took with her. Okay so he was just a friend. But he didn't know that before. Tallie despite what she may think about herself was a beautiful woman and with her quiet nature..some men may take advantage. Like he did. He felt sick.

Not that he would ever..and she, well , it was very defnitely consensual but she had two sides to her and that side the one she shared with him , he had a feeling that didn't come out that often if ever at all. And now it had and especially with her near fatality she had gone more shy than before.

Ben offered him a friendly smile as Ry watched Tallie on the chair. She was completely still. Then she started to get up.

Please. Please. Please. He wanted to whisper in her ear. He couldn't care less about the people watching them.

He followed her once she walked past him. Her body so close to his.

Once they were out the door, he thought she may shout at him. But she didn't say anything. Just kept on walking.

He watched her. Around her, he couldn't control himself. But he didn't want to add to the pain she was going through. He watched her walk away.

Tallie closed the door and leaned her head back. He smelt so good. He didn't wear what other men wore, he just smelled like him.

Any woman in her right mind would have been embarassed. She was clearly in the wrong state of mind. All she could think about was him coming through the door and fucking her against it. But of course she smiled, he wouldn't.

She touched her scar on her cheek. She still had the same needs inside. She had feelings for Ry. She loved him. It was easy to admit. Her heart and mind were starved for him.

She ran her hand over her breast and plucked her nipple through her top. It was only last night she thought about him spanking her. He would have come in her room and asked her to face the wall. Then he would have taken down her fitted trousers and lace panties. Panties he made for her. He would breathe in her ear, "don't shut me out" His voice a whisper and his lips would caress her ear lobe, then she felt a spank. Gentle and hard at the same time. That was him.

She needed a shower, all this pent up emotion. Maybe after she would pluck up the courage to go back to dinner. It wasn't him. It was just being out of the silence of her room.

When Tallie undressed, she always thought of him. She was almost hesitant to take off her panties, knowing Ry liked them so much. She fantasised about stepping in the shower, warm water running over her body in only her panties. Him seeing her through the transparent shield and taking his clothes off as she watched him and he watched her. He had a beautiful frame due to the strict military training he went through. She thought his body would be capable of so she actually knew. She would never forget the way he fit against her. Her shyness was often a barrier but he broke past that and his mental strength was as high as his physical. Perhaps it was the way he was born and the obstacles he himself had to go through. She sensed there were things he wanted to tell her..but Ry was a man of action.

And she knew he wouldn't speak much when he saw her in the shower. Once he had undressed, he would stroke his erection. Being genetically altered, he was different to other men in that department. He was so beautiful. She would eye his cock and feel the water mingled with her own scent drip down her body. She would look him all over. From his beautiful piercing blue eyes to his strong legs.

He looked her all over too. He would have her backed against the wall. Leaning forward, he touched her pussy easily visible through her panties. She moaned. He made a noise. His fingers were strong and never left her. With his other hand, he stroked her ass. It felt like he touched every part of her flesh. He didn't ask her to turn around, instead he made her. Then he ripped her panties and she moaned violently. He supported her body with his big body and added a third finger to her pussy. She looked down and saw his beloved panties a scrap against the floor.

Her breasts felt heavy and she remembered that he told her he fantasised about fucking them. That he got off on imagining coming between her soft tit flesh. He hadn't yet sucked her nipples. It was like he was prolonging it. Was he a breast man?

She couldn't think anymore as just as she was close to coming, he slapped her bottom and drove his cock into her pussy. He was hard and needy. She was so wet and so needy. There was no time for foreplay. This was him possessing her. She wanted to tell him not told back, that was it was okay, with him she would take the harshness she felt he was ashamed of, his need, his nature, it was okay with her. Because it was him.

When she felt his cock it was like he touched her womb as she had never felt before. She thought that was bulllshit but with him ..

"Oh Ry" She whispered, her face against the wall, his cock possessing her pussy and her bottom going crazy against his balls. Did he like them sucked?

He spanked her again and she smiled. The first time she had cried. Mostly with emotion. "Come in me please."

"Ask me again, Tallie" He hoarsely whispered her name. No one said it like him ever.


"Please what?"

Oh she couldn't wait..His dick was right in her and she just needed to come on it as he was lifting her on him and her tits were rubbing against the shower wall, "Pplease Ry"


"Beg me some more." He growled

"Sir." She moaned. "Please come in me. I need you."

"Oh God Tallie. "


He was power fucking her now. Fucking her like crazy.

Oh that felt..

She loved him and the words were gone from her mouth when..

He came so hard and she waited for him to come so she could..Once she came, it felt like she was experiencing his release also. Not just his cum but his whole cock which was still inside her and she felt that she knew it would be painful for him to break away at this point.

She fantasised about him fucking her like this in the shower. She was now fingering her wet aroused pussy. She didn't want to come without him. But she needed to and she could have done.

She wondered if she should just wear a garment and walk out like this. Wet, hot and messy.

Tallie was completely wet. And messy. And her cheeks and body flushed. And she was trembling with need.

She wore just a coat over her body. It was madness going out like this. And she didn't have the guts to speak to Ry. She wanted to bump into him. But she knew she may not and she knew nothing may happen if she did.

A wicked thought crossed her mind. It wasn't what she needed but she thought about a random man brining her to release. She would cry out Ry's name. It would all be for him. However she should never have had this thought to begin with. It excited her that he could punish her for this. That is if he still cared.

Locking her door, she took a deep breath. It would be so easy to go back into her room and go to sleep without masturbating. She would dream of him. And she would dream of him if she fingered her pussy and came over her fingers.

She walked on knowing where she was going.

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