Friday, 23 October 2009


Nothing and no one gets me down. I'm going to write. Thanks to a certain follower of this blog for your support. You know who you are. *point, point point*

You know, I once read a story entitled At Her Captain’s Command. I always thought about a little what happens next. So this is it. I’d like to take my time over it as I value what the author wrote in the original story. It was a beautifully straight tense erotic piece which I haven’t forgotten three years on.If you have chance I really recommend buying this eBook which contains the story (as well as two other erotic, sexy as hell ones).

I haven’t been on this website for a year! They are very good and I remember buying "Red Bottom Ranch" from them. I wish they were more active. Love the stories I bought from here.

If one can summarise At Her Captain's Command here's how it's not done. So Private Tallie Rosseau is a woman who works in the Military on the computers side of things. She's not in the physical stuff. She gets into an operation with this man Captain (Ry) Boa who's a genetically altered test tube human (God I know, what are the chances). They are on a mission (okay is it bad I remember every line of their sexual relationship but not much of the actual mission even though the author was very clear with it) SO the mission is to plant a virus on the enemy lines. He's in the physical stuff (remember, i told you didnt i?) and she's in the computer hacking programme and they're stranded on this planet going to do this together. They are essentially on a two person army fighting a war with someone else (fighting the attention). So they could die.

In this situation and with them being in such danger and in such close proximity to each other, her having to obey every single move of his and him having to protect her (sexy) , I mean she's normally a shy woman but "will they give into their unspoken attraction to each other?"
"Her Captain's Command.. offers a hard, militaristic view of the future, with rough, hard sex to accompany it. Both stories contain hot sex, bondage, domination, masturbation, spanking, and oral sex. " *dry mouth*

I would like to take things from them escaping death (I'm no good with this mission part) and returning to their "normality." The original story was written from a he said she said point of view..I'm actually not going to do that. It's harder to do that for this story because I'm trying not to shit on it.

There really should be laws against someone doing this to an author's work. All I can say is sorry.
And here goes..

Not every story has a moral.

Every morning Ry would walk past her door. He knew she would be on her bed thinking too much over what had happened. They had done things. He had done things to her. He hated to feel the way he did. Because he knew how she felt. He knew her. But the sickness of it was, he couldn't get the memory of her bent on the floor, ass in the air and arms stretched out, as he had ordered, begging him to come inside his slut.....


  1. 6am in the morning and this made me laugh my arse off..."She gets into an operation with this man Captain (Ry) Boa who's a genetically altered test tube human"

    And very nice add on...I'd certainly want to read more.

  2. Thank you! More posted under newest post. (no really)