Sunday, 25 October 2009

Looks and humans.

I don't normally do this but is this for real?

The woman I see nowadays has a very different body type from this..and from me.

How did she manage to get such a streamlined, angular face? Because here no cheekbones are showing and she has the definition of a full face.

Since I've lost weight, I noticed my cheeks have flattened but I still have a full face. The cheekbones are more visible ..only if you look closely.

I'm just kind of ..not shocked..but wondering was this the highest weight she's been aside from when she was pregnant (let's not go there)? Was this to be considered her "unhealthy" phase? She looks fine to me but of course a comment accompanying this photo was, "this is the fat photo I've been looking for." Not even "fat", just fat.
Was she on some medication at this time?
The reason I wonder all this is if she looked like this now do you think she would have the same persona?
And regards to the medication comment, would you consider this photo normal?
If it was just any woman, would you think she was fat?
How about if it was an actress..forget it's Jolie just another a new actress, a fresh face, do you this woman is fat? Be completely honest. Do a first opinion, second opinion, first glance, second glance type thing.
The reason for this is I just want is to be out in the open. I'm not asking if I myself am fat because I do not care about normal and fat...I just think in the world we live in where there are so many unhealthy relationships between food and humans and lifestyle and humans and men and women..we should be more honest about everything.

I think too much is covered up. There are too many big fat lies.

So back to Angelina, do you think she would have the same persona she is known for? Let's not even start on success. Just think about the whole sexy thing. Or would she have considered been the less pneumatically hourglassed version of Jennifer Tilly had she looked like the photo above?
And if Jennifer Tilly is considered an ideal woman in the sense of her figure and her little girl voice, why so? What happened? Centuries ago this wasn't the case..or have they been covering something up, was it?

And I wonder about the whole sexy thing. What does it mean to you? Is it the same as "hot?"

Do you think sexy and self worth are linked and if so, how much are they linked?
Personally as someone who is described as pretty or even in an extreme case beautiful, but never sexy, I don't need someone else to think I am. That truly comes from within and I'll be honest, unless I'm in my lingerie, or naked, I don't actually think I'm sexy. I certainly don't dress sexy. I don't emphasise my boobs or my waist or my bottom. Or my legs. I dress to be warm, smart and I like pretty colours and jewellery. My self worth could be better but is still intact regardless of how sexy I think I am.

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