Thursday, 8 October 2009

If I feel good inside, then I know I'm doing the best I can for me.

And as for displeasing or pleasing others, that will never happen.

Here are my rules which I find having on record really helps. This is regards to diet and lifestyle. I have already harassed people on facebook with this. I just breathe and go to facebook or blog, that's what I do, that's my thing.

Since making the decision to explore my body's potential..yes this is serious terminology pretension but I don't want to say lose weight because actually I never meant to lose the weight intentionally as I was the right weight for my height. I'm now a righter weight for my height but I still think bmi is a guideline NOTHING more. I forgot what I was going to say..


By diet I mean a normal eat healthy, treat yourself, dont have suddenly bad breath one.

1. On days such as today where flu makes you suprisingly immobile, take the goddam medication and just focus on getting rest. However achy limbs still need to be moved though not rigorously. Do work out "warm ups" and something focusing on abs rather than jumping around cardio.

2. On such days, eat warm things and drink the tea and keep warm and stomach full but not bloated and nearing sickness (you dont need to add another problem) as medication and empty stomaches equal disaster.

3. On not going out days, do the cardio as well as the hour "work out." And hoover the house. You may be rewarded with dinner. *joke* You can eat half a ready meal with salad and drink water before and throughout and after. Dont eat after 9 pm, you know that will mean a sleepless night.

4. So banana and cereal/half toast for breakfast. Forget about choc spread, just eat the toast. If exceptionally cold, drink half a cup of tea. As with normal half sweetner (yes half, halves are good) and skimmed milk.

5. Orange juice and half a warm meal/soup for lunch with salad or take fruit with the other half of the toast this time small amount of choc spread as it wont finish itself off you know.*snack in between-=activia yoghurt or a little bit of cereal*

6. For dinner have the rest of the meal and ensure if you havent taken salad, now is the time to do so. Drink water and eat some pine nuts. If exceptionally cold, take half a hot choc but make sure you don't need to be in bed for another three hours. Take sleeping pill in the form of this majorly strong paracetemol.

7. On going out days, don't bother so much with halves.

You notice I don't mention calories. I don't know shit about that stuff. I do what works for me and this has done. I'm not dead, I can move fast, I climb 5 flights of stairs, I can howl like wolf and type an essay only a percentage better legible than someone with special needs, I'm doing just fine.

Punishment for disobeying rules? I don't get to you know what...I say you know what because I have someone I respect following my blog. I respect the other two people but they're close friends first...therefore I can humiliate them as much as possible.

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