Monday, 26 October 2009

I hope that when I fall in love I don't fall in love with love.

Love shouldn't be a distraction. Or a feeling that you love feeling.

To me, love is when you are so involved with a person. Of course logic can fly out the window so I suppose the term being crazy about someone is okay. Yes I permit you. As long as you are crazy about them.

I just see this word being used so much. When it comes to people, I think it's dangerous. Oh boo hoo you say. Ah, well it can fuck someone up you know? I don't talk from experience but I know certain things. I've seen them.

Of course being crazy about someone and it be unrequited is not great but it's what I imagine love to be. No point in using the phrase true love. Love should be all of it. The true bit shouldn't have to be there. There shouldn't any love which is not true.

And if your love is unrequited, then I believe that you can free yourself from it. Yes I'm half quoting but I value that quote. Time is a great healer. You just have to believe in time no matter how lengthy it seems. I believe you can go past a certain point because you are tired of being tired and you can have something upon you and still live your life.

I'll be a little mean and say I don't see the great deal in love. Love isn't the only feeling that makes you feel you can do anything. All you need is love? All you need is life. Love is a part of life but I don't think it is the be all and end all. Of course I write erotic romance but I know I will write some which do not have the traditional happy endings. I write them because I am interested in self discovery as well as relationships between people.

I suppose I believe more in being really fond of as well as wanting to tear someone's clothes off because it's them.. rather than being in love. Personally I think love grows. I understand your knowing he or she's the one. I completely understand that. I get Romeo and Juliet's feelings. I'm not sure why and it doesn't have to make sense, but the sometimes you just know thing- yes I believe that. And I believe it's not just instinct.

However, love? I just think it grows between two people.

But of course if someone tells me they have fallen in love and they are glowing about it, not just talking but you can see it in their face, I will be happy for them. Kind that I am. And I'll them they should go for it. Hearing my say it, they sure will. Ahem.

I just won't be converted into thinking love makes you fly without wings.

No picture posted as what sums up love?


  1. Yep - love can fuck you up all right. Avoid it at all costs

  2. It's on my a million things to avoid list!