Friday, 16 October 2009

The Gilmore Girls of all things prevent me from go insane-er.

I started to write poetry and may even keep a journal of all the shit that gets dumped on me everyday.

I may even youtube it.

Here's my poetry and here's Rory Gilmore. Her witty lines and independance in one cute voiced "package" stop me going all Carrietta White minus the telekinetic powers.

That woman

She's banging banging against the walls

Theyre closing in and no one's there anymore

She's going crazy becausethey ran away

Couldnt listen to her

Couldnt hear her

Couldnt understand

No one cares about her extended hand

The way she looked them in the eye for help

But a smile played on her lips

A smile is a lie

The room is getting tighter

The air is getting hotter

She's banging harder

Putting it into words becomes harder

Breathing is harder

Trapped trapped trapped between two hard walls

No one can hear her

But all she really wants to say is

No she won't change herself

But you can change, YOU can change, you can control it

But don't you see she can't

She says it finally..the words she's been looking for

She says it under closed breath, sweat on her upper lip

Her clothes soaked

Her mouth dry

She's banging

She's crazy

She's hysterical

Then she remembers in those few moments of realisation

Cold and hard and isolating

That yes other than she was truly alive

She will always be on her own.

Evil bitches and their pussy little followers.

Like a whiny baby he tags along with her

Always ready to conform and give in to her

She was under his thumb

Soon he'll be under her heels

Evil bitches can't really be happy

They can pretend

For a moment she will look at the sun

Oh it's because she cares..


Then as if the sun rays highlight her disappointments

She will start whining like her little baby friend

I hate

I hate

I hate

HE merely tags along with her

Perhaps burping time is due

I laugh at bitches like her.

Decency prevents me from kicking her.

She belongs in shit

Perhaps she thinks she will meet me there

But evil bitches don't belong

They go to Hell.

Whiny babies like him get born every minute.

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