Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Continuation of the sequel to Those Two.

After my little session with Scott, where I found out his name, and he found out a few things about me that were not sexual, I had a need to call my boyfriend and Scott's best friend, James.

I felt a little bad about leaving someone like Scott but I wanted to talk to someone who would understand. I felt James may not, but he always had a comeback. Whereas myself and Scott were quieter, no one would fuck with James and he would stand up for others as well.

I wondered if I should leave a note for Scott. But I wasn't thinking about saying sorry I had to go for now, I was thinking about questions I could ask on the phone.

I looked at my partner's face. He had his eyebrows slightly together in a frown. When he wakes up, I won't be there. So he could come after me.



"It's okay to call isn't it?"

"No. I was actually just going to call you."

"Which means I have perfect timing. I have a question for you."


"What do you say to someone who says all or some of your problems are in your head?"

"You say how would you know? Are you in my head?"


"Do you keep a list." It was rhetorical.

"Hmm..did you have a conversation with someone? Other than yourself of course." Again rhetorical.

"Your humour isn't your strong point."

But he made me laugh.

"Tell me.." He persisted.

"I just remembered something, a conversation I had in the past. Today it got brought up." Because your best friend and I misbehaved with each other.

"Why don't you track down the person you had the conversation with and write them an unpleasant little note?"

"You mean stalk them on Facebook under a different identity?"

"I told you I only did that once."

"That poor girl!"

"She broke up with me..I deserved to know why!"

"You're amazing."

"So are you."

"Look, I..that is to say I..I just..fucking miss you."

I think I heard a smile.

"Don't laugh at me" I mocked.

"Oh but you continue to amuse me, tis my natural reaction."


"Why yes milady."

"Gross..tis is okay. Milday pushes it..speaking of pushing. Have you know?"


"I don't get how you are allowed to do that and I'm not."

"Because I'm in charge of you."

Of you. Of you. Of you.

"James..that's .."

"Youre turned on arent you?"

"Im always turned on around you. When I called you I was ready to touch myself." I something about it was just a little funny.

"Oh but you'll be getting your hand out of your panties now because if I come home and feel that you aren't tighter than when I left you..I won't be spanking you at all."

"I'm not wearing panties."

He mumbled something. "I'm defintely not spanking you now."

"And there's that control of yours." I whispered. Taking advantage of his unusual silence I said that I was going to tempt him so much. And thanked him for his answer to my question. Then I hung up.

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