Thursday, 8 October 2009

Epiphanies are brilliant and can happen when you have crap all to do.

So I had one.

So shoot me.

I am a feminist. No okay I like kink, clearly, but I am. Isn't it REALLY about being feminine in your own way, on your own terms? And let's not mention empowering. I think I slightly hate that word. Fuck it. We do not need it. What we do need is a humanity. When someone gets raped by a famous movie director and he gets treated like a victim you know art has become more important than humanity...and that scares the SHIT out of me.

I feel incredibly strongly that women have to fight so damn hard and I really think the way women are portrayed, the way some women idolise men and fitting in more than what they themselves are actually about, is a joke.

Now I'm happy to discuss and talk more about stuff like Playboy. I mean I think it's sexy, it's erotic but I don't think it's THE sexy and the erotic. I can see erotic in a non surgically enhanced woman..even more so. She is sensual and that's not a word I would use to describe boobs pointing northwards posing on a staircase..but I look at the pictures. Is that what a "feminist" does? Does that matter? Why does it matter? I'm not interested in justifying myself..I don't care if it's wrong, if I'm wrong. What I do care about is not having a bunch of men dictate..and yes that words is appropriate I think what women can do and look like. No no..more to the point.. a man dictate what is sexy. That's scary not because of what is the general opinion on their opinion of sexy but because no way should they dictate that. There is a difference in pleasing a man and being led around by one.

And look at powerdressing..

I mean this is one HUGE debate, discussion and I have to sleepsy now so let's not go there but better to talk about it than to sneer at the word; feminist.

One more blabbering, I also think feminism means knowing the importance of being human. And that also means tolerance of races, of sexes, of age and appearance.

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