Friday, 26 February 2010

The weekend begun last night; Thursday!

With ..Restoration.

This book is very sexy. I haven't read anything like this.

It's beautiful in its exploration. There's no fear and yet there's so much insight and dimension to the main character especially.

I had once read something similar but this one is EROTICA.

What I love is anything you can see beforehand in the story ADDS to the sexual tension, it doesn't take away.

The man is so sexy. And his personality comes across even just in his words.

This book also has one of the most sexiest Erotica I have ever read in my life. It's so gorgeous in every way. It's wonderfully sexual and let's just say the statue is throughly enjoyed. One to read on your own and/or with your man, it can certainly open up doors!

"Museum Restorer Theresa is thrilled when an ancient, dirt covered Roman Statue of Priapus comes into her care. She finds him fascinating and he becomes her erotic obsession. Night and day she is consumed by her lust for Priapus. Unknown to Theresa another person has been overtaken by the same obsession. It is only when her project is completed and Priapus is out on display that she discovers she is not the only one willing to take great risks just to worship the ancient god's giant penis.

About the author:

Victoria Blisse a multi-published author. To find out more visit

Extract from Restoration...

I can indulge my fantasy now I’m safe in my home. Lying on top of my bedcovers, I close my eyes and imagine. I imagine I’m riding that cock, that cold, stony cock as I slam the thick vibrator into my frustrated, weeping cunt. Harder and harder I thrust, imagining the marble shaft filling me. I can see it, I can feel it but I just need a little something more.

‘Theresa, you dirty slut.’

‘Oh, Doctor, I didn’t know there was anyone here.’

‘Hush, girl. Hush.’ His hands, his soft, silky administrator’s hands, flow down my curves, coming to rest on my buttocks, pulling them apart.

‘What a glorious sight.’ I can feel his hot breath on my cunt lips as I’m suspended half way down Priapus’s cock. His finger probes between my globes, pushing me forward as it thrusts painfully into my arse. I take my own finger and push it in, ignoring the pain and feeling the pleasure, imagining the humiliation of being found in such a position and being fingered in such a dirty, secret place.

I imagine another finger joining and then hear his zip being released.

‘I’m going to fuck you now.’ His plummy accent becomes rougher, letting the deep timbre of his voice shine through. ‘I’m going to fuck your tight little arsehole.’

He slams into me and I scream as I’m filled, stuffed to breaking point. His cock and the stone cock inside me, separated by just a thin wall and, as he speeds up the pace of his thrusts, I melt into the marble below me, my nipples stinging on the cold stone as he fucks me with such ferocity.

‘Such a dirty girl, such a naughty girl,’ he pants, slamming his hot shaft deeper into me, rubbing against the unmoving, cold stone in my cunt.

‘I’m going to come.’ I gasp it into the air as a second later I scream out my creamy orgasm, then collapse with a sob. Doctor Browning (just like Priapus for that matter) is out of my league. I can never have either of them. One is a priceless artefact and the other a man of the world, a man who interacts with hundreds of people – with hundreds of women – every day. I don’t have a chance of getting him to even take a second look at me."


  1. Wow, thank you! I am intensely flattered and am so glad you enjoyed Restoration so much. Do you mind if I link to this from my website/ use quotes for promotional purposes? Thank you!

  2. You are welcome! I mean this!!

    Sure, yes if I can steal your excerpt, you use my words!